Bodhin Kjolhede

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Bodhin Kjolhede
Bodhin Kjolhede.jpg
ReligionZen Buddhism
SchoolRochester Zen Center
LineagePhilip Kapleau
EducationUniversity of Michigan
Senior posting
Based inRochester Zen Center
Chapin Mill Buddhist Retreat Center
PredecessorPhilip Kapleau
SuccessorSevan Ross
Sante Poromaa
Kanja Odland
Gerardo Gally
Amala Wrightson
Robert Goldmann

Bodhin Kjolhede (born 1948) is a Sōtō/Rinzai Zen roshi and Abbot of the Rochester Zen Center (RZC), a position he assumed when Philip Kapleau retired from teaching in 1986.[1] He was ordained as a priest in 1976 and received Dharma transmission in 1986.[2] He has authorized six of his disciples as teachers in their own right: Sante Poromaa, Kanja Odland, Sevan Ross, Gerardo Gally, Amala Wrightson, and Robert Goldmann. Additionally, Kjolhede has been offered transmission in a Sōtō lineage, but has thus far chosen to decline.[1][3]

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