Bungil Creek

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Bungil Creek
Bungil Creek
Bungil Creek
Bungil Creek
Bungil Creek in Australia Map
Location Queensland, Australia

The Bungil Creek has its headwaters north of Roma, Queensland, Australia. The creek runs through the town of Roma and joins the Balonne River 7 kilometres west of Surat. It then joins the Barwon River, then the Darling River and into the Murray River. The creek is normally a trickle but with a 710 km² catchment it can turn into a raging river after heavy rain.


The creek floods regularly, once inundating hundreds of properties in Roma. In March 2010, Bungil Creek experienced a major flood of 8.1 metres.[1] In April 2011, Bungil Creek reached 7.6 m.[2]


Funding from all three levels of government to construct a levee for flood mitigation was approved after devastating flooding in 2012. A ceremony to mark the commencement of construction for Stage 1 of a 5.2 km levee was held on 24 September 2013.[3]

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