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Busoga College, Mwiri
Mwiri Hill, Jinja District
Type Public Middle School and High School
Motto "For God And Our Country"
Established 1911[citation needed]
Principal Michael Kisaame
Athletics Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Track, Rugby, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Hockey.

Busoga College Mwiri, commonly known as Busoga College, is a boarding secondary school (grades 8-13) located in Uganda.


Busoga College Mwiri is located on Mwiri Hill, in Jinja District, Eastern Uganda, adjacent and to the immediate west of the town of Kakira. Mwiri lies approximately 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) by road, northeast of the town of Jinja, the largest town in Busoga sub-region.[1] The coordinates of Busoga College are:0°29'55.0"N, 33°15'48.0"E (Latitude0.498611; Longitude:33.263333).[2]


The all-boys boarding school was founded by the Church Missionary Society, who later turned it over to the Church of Uganda. The school receives funding from Uganda's Ministry of Education, thus meeting the classification as a public school. It is one of the prominent middle and high schools (Senior Secondary Schools), in Uganda. The country's first Prime Minister, the late Milton Obote, attended Busoga College Mwiri.


Busoga College was founded in 1911, as Balangira High School, to educate the sons and of Busoga Chiefs. Initially, the school was housed in Kamuli. Between 1920 and 1930, plans were made to move the school to Mwiri Hill, because of more space and newer, better infrastructure. The school also opened to sons of non-chiefs. Between 1930 and 1933, the school temporarily relocated to Kings College Budo, in Wakiso District due to the poor accommodations at Kamuli. In 1933 the school permanently relocated to its present premises at Mwiri Hill. In 1967 a proposal was made to merge Busoga College with nearby Wanyange Girls School. However, the following year, the Busoga College Old Boys Association rejected the proposal and the idea was abandoned.[3]

Prominent alumni[edit]

The prominent men who have attended Busoga College Mwiri, include the following:[4]


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Coordinates: 00°29′55″N 33°15′48″E / 0.49861°N 33.26333°E / 0.49861; 33.26333