Charlie Lake Provincial Park

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Charlie Lake Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada, established on the western shore of Charlie Lake. It is roughly 92 hectares in size.

History and conservation[edit]

The park was established May 20, 1964.

The park aims to protect aspen, birch, alder, lodgepole pine, Saskatoon, soopalalie, flat-top spirea, waxberry and squashberry. The park is one of a system of 3 parks protecting the poorly represented Halfway Plateau Ecosection. The primary role of the park is to provide recreational opportunities for regional residents. Recreational opportunities include hiking, boating, angling and cycling.


Located 11 kilometres north of Fort St. John, British Columbia.


92 hectares in size.


Coordinates: 56°18′30″N 120°59′45″W / 56.30833°N 120.99583°W / 56.30833; -120.99583