Marble Canyon Provincial Park

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Limestone cliffs seen from Highway 99 in Marble Canyon Park

Marble Canyon Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada, established in 1956 to protect Marble Canyon, a limestone formation at the south end of the Marble Range. In 2001 the park was expanded to 355 hectares to include all of Pavilion Lake due to the presence of microbialites, a type of stromatolite and the lake's importance to research into astrobiology and other fields. The park is also important in the culture of the Tskway'laxw people in whose territory it is located, and concealed in the side canyons of the gorge there are important pictograph sites. Not included in the park but overlooking Pavilion Lake at its farther end from the main part of the canyon is Chimney Rock, the Secwepemc'tsn name for which, K'lpalekw, means "Coyote's Penis", and is an important spiritual site. A waterfall into Crown Lake, at the park's campground, is famous among ice-climbers as "Icy BC" and the walls of Marble Canyon are a major draw to rock climbers. All three of the park's lakes are popular with recreational fishermen.


The park's campground is located adjacent to British Columbia Highway 99 as it passes through the canyon. There are thirty campsites open from April to September.

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