Charming Kitten

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Charming Kitten
Модный мишка
Formationc. 2004–2007[1]
TypeAdvanced persistent threat
PurposeCyberespionage, cyberwarfare
Middle East
MethodsZero-days, spearphishing, malware, Social Engineering, Watering Hole
At least 5
Official language
Parent organization
AffiliationsRocket Kitten
Formerly called
Turk Black Hat
Ajax Security Team

Charming Kitten (other aliases include APT35 (by Mandiant), Phosphorus (by Microsoft),[1] Ajax Security (by FireEye),[2] NewsBeef (by Kaspersky,[3]))[4] is a cyberwarfare group, described by several companies and government officials as an advanced persistent threat.

On December 15, 2017 the group was designated by FireEye as a nation state based advanced persistent threat, regardless of the lack of its sophistication. Research conducted by FireEye in 2018 suggested that APT35 may be expanding their malware, and solidifying[clarification needed] their campaigns.[5]

The group has since been known to use phishing to impersonate company websites,[6] as well as fake accounts and fake DNS domains to phish users' passwords.


Witt Defection (Early 2013)[edit]

In 2013, former United States Air Force technical sergeant and military intelligence defense contractor Monica Witt defected to Iran knowing she might incur criminal charges by the United Stages for doing so.[citation needed] Her giving of intelligence to the government of Iran later caused Operation Saffron Rose, a cyberwarfare operation that targeted US military contractors.[citation needed]

HBO cyberattack (2017)[edit]

In 2017, following a cyberattack on HBO, a large-scale joint investigation was launched[by whom?] on the grounds that confidential information was being leaked. A conditional statement by a hacker going by alias Skote Vahshat said that if money was not paid, scripts of television episodes, including episodes of Game of Thrones, would be leaked. The hack caused a leak of 1.5 terabytes of data, some of which was shows and episodes that had not been broadcast at the time.[7] HBO has since stated that it would take steps to make sure that they would not be breached again.[8]

Behzad Mesri was subsequently indicted for the hack. He has since been alleged to be part of the operation unit that had leaked confidential information. [9]

According to Certfa, Charming Kitten had targeted US officials involved with the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal. The Iranian government denied any involvement.[10][11]

Second Indictment (2019)[edit]

Witt was officially charged by a Washington, D.C. based jury on February 19, 2019.[12] Four others including the HBO hacker were also charged.[citation needed]

A court order was issued[by whom?] authorizing Microsoft to take ownership of 99 DNS domains that were registered by the group. Microsoft has subsequently said that it plans to work to reduce the cyberattack rate significantly.[13]

2020 Election interference attempts (2019)[edit]

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