Lotte Liquor

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Lotte Liquor
Founded 1926
Headquarters Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Key people
Lee jae-hyeok, President
Products soju
Website [1]

Lotte Liquor (hangul:롯데) is a distiller in South Korea, founded in 1926. It is the world's second leading producer of soju. It also manufactures a variety of other alcoholic beverages including red wine and whiskey.

Lotte soju is known by the brand name Chumchurum (hangul: 처음처럼).Chumchurum means "like the first time" (pure) in Korean. The symbol represents the name very well. The company added pictures of a Korean magpie and a bud. Korean magpie is known as a bird, who is bringing good news and bud refers to meaning of "new" and "beginning".

Chumchurum is becoming popular to mostly women because it is softer than other alcohol. Chumchurum contains 19.5% of alcohol and it is made of alkali water, which makes soju become more distinct. Because of this, the company explains that it makes the soju taste better if you shake it well before drinking it – as in the commercial.

Chumchurum is advertised by Korean famous singer Lee Hyori. From November 2012 the liquor is advertised by Hyuna, Hara & Hyorin.

The company's current president is Jae Hyeok Lee.[citation needed]