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Colfax California Amtrak station.jpeg
The station building in 2008 after being renovated.
Location 99 Railroad Street at Church Street
Colfax, California
Coordinates 39°05′58″N 120°57′11″W / 39.0994°N 120.9531°W / 39.0994; -120.9531Coordinates: 39°05′58″N 120°57′11″W / 39.0994°N 120.9531°W / 39.0994; -120.9531
Platforms 1 side platform
Tracks 2
Connections Thruway Motorcoach
Parking Free
Bicycle facilities Tie-downs
Other information
Station code COX
Opened 1905
Rebuilt Early-2000's
Passengers (2015) 4,631[1]Decrease 3.7% (Amtrak)
Preceding station   BSicon LOGO Amtrak2.svg Amtrak   Following station
toward Emeryville
California Zephyr
toward Chicago
Location of the Colfax Amtrak Station.
Location of the Colfax Amtrak Station.
Location within California

Colfax station is an Amtrak train station in Colfax, California. It serves the California Zephyr line. It is unstaffed. The station was built in 1905 by Southern Pacific Railroad and was restored in the early 21st Century; in addition to a waiting room, the building also houses the Colfax Heritage Museum.[2] The platform is movable to accommodate Union Pacific rotary snowplows, which are liable to scrape a platform 8 inches above top of rail.[3]

Between January 1, 1998, and February 13, 2000, a single round-trip of the Capitol Corridor terminated at Colfax. This service ended because of low ridership.

In FY2012 Colfax was the 69th-busiest of Amtrak's 74 California stations, boarding or detraining an average of about 12 passengers daily.[4]

Platforms and tracks[edit]

1  California Zephyr toward Emeryville (Roseville)
 California Zephyr toward Chicago (Truckee)
2  Bypass/Freight line No passenger service


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