Colombian presidential election, 1982

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Colombian presidential election, 1982
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  Belisario Betancur.jpg Alfonso Lopez Michelsen.jpg
Nominee Belisario Betancur Alfonso López Michelsen
Party Conservative Party Liberal Party
Home state Antioquia Bogotá
Popular vote 3,189,278 2,797,627
Percentage 46.8% 41.0%

Colombian Presidential Election Results, 1982.svg
Winner by department

President before election

Julio César Turbay Ayala
Liberal Party

Elected President

Belisario Betancur
Conservative Party

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Presidential elections were held in Colombia on 30 May 1982.[1] The result was a victory for Belisario Betancur of the Conservative PartyNational Movement, who received 46.8% of the vote.[2]


Candidate Party Votes %
Belisario Betancur Conservative PartyNational Movement 3,189,278 46.8
Alfonso López Michelsen Liberal Party 2,797,627 41.0
Luis Carlos Galán New Liberalism 745,738 10.9
Gerardo Molina Democratic Front 82,858 1.2
Florentino Porras Pardo Popular Claim 159 0.0
Others 6,142 0.1
Invalid/blank votes 18,590
Total 6,840,392 100
Registered voters/turnout 13,734,093 49.8
Source: Nohlen


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