De Morgan (crater)

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De Morgan
De Morgan crater 4090 h1.jpg
Coordinates 3°18′N 14°54′E / 3.3°N 14.9°E / 3.3; 14.9Coordinates: 3°18′N 14°54′E / 3.3°N 14.9°E / 3.3; 14.9
Diameter 10 km
Depth 1.8 km
Colongitude 345° at sunrise
Eponym Augustus De Morgan

De Morgan is a small lunar impact crater that is located in the central region of the Moon, midway between the crater D'Arrest two crater diameters to the south, and Cayley to the north. It is named after British logician Augustus De Morgan.

This crater is circular and bowl-shaped, with a small interior floor at the midpoint between the conical, sloping inner wall.