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Dean Edge
Manufacturer Dean
Period 1977 — present
Body type Solid
Neck joint Bolt-on
Body Basswood, Mahogany(E09M)
Neck Maple
Fretboard rosewood
Bridge Fixed
Pickup(s) One Soap Bar (for entry-level model), Two in parallel
Colors available
(Varies with model) Classic Black, Ice Blue, Powder Silver, Classic White, Transparent Amberburst, Transparent Red, Transparent Black, Transparent Blue, Transparent Power Purple,

The Dean Edge is a series of similar bass guitars produced by Dean Guitars. The Edge is usually produced with rosewood neck and solid basswood bodies, with the exception of the E09M, which is made of mahogany. Another feature is the pair of "Soapbar" pick-ups wired in parallel. A very distinguishing feature of the Edge is the asymmetrical head stock design and the lack of a pickguard. The number of strings varies from four to ten. Dean Edges are used in countless music genres, and are especially popular among jazz players, such as bass virtuoso Jeff Berlin[1] as well as, multi-instrumentalist Happy Tom


Basic design of headstock
  • Edge
    • Edge 1
      • Edge 1 Quilt Top
      • Edge 1-5
    • Edge 4
    • Edge 5
    • Edge 6
    • Edge 8
    • E09
      • E09M
      • Playmate E09
  • Edge Fretless
  • Edge Pro
  • Edge Hammer
    • Edge Hammer 10
  • Edge Q
    • Edge Q4 Bartolini
    • Edge Q6

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