Decatur metropolitan area, Alabama

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Decatur metropolitan area, Alabama
Statistical Area
Huntsville-Decatur CSA.png
Decatur Metropolitan Statistical Area is shaded in yellow. Decatur MSA is part of the Huntsville-Decatur CSA (shown in yellow and red).
State Alabama
Area 3,411 km2 (1,317 sq mi)
Population 150,125 (2008)

The Decatur, Alabama Metropolitan Statistical Area is a moderately urban region of North-Central Alabama. The 2008 estimate population is 150,125, one-third of which resides within the boundaries of its core city, Decatur, Alabama.[citation needed] It is also considered to be part of the North, Northwest, and North-Central regions of Alabama.

The metropolitan area is the combined area of the City of Decatur and the surrounding areas in suburban, rural, and more developed parts of Morgan and Lawrence Counties. This portion of North Alabama makes up nearly one-third of the larger Huntsville-Decatur Combined Statistical Area. However, the Decatur Metropolitan Area is considered separate by the government.

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