Dragões (Portuguese Air Force)

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CountryFlag of Portugal.svg Portugal
BranchRoundel of Portugal.svg Portuguese Air Force
RoleAerobatic display team
Size4 Pilots
Part of20th Squadron (1956-1958)
51st Squadron (1958-1961)
BaseNo 2 Air Base, Ota (1956-1958)
No 5 Air Base, Monte Real (1958-1961)
Aircraft flown
FighterF-84G Thunderjet (1956-1958)
F-86 Sabre (1958-1961)

The Dragões (Portuguese for "dragons") was a flight demonstration team of the Portuguese Air Force that operated in the 1950s. It was created in 1956 as part of Esquadra 20 (20th Squadron), based at Ota Air Base and flew F-84 Thunderjet jet fighters until being deactivated in 1958. Later in the same year, it was reactivated as part of Esquadra 51 (51st Squadron), based at Monte Real Air Base and flying F-86 Sabre jet fighters, being definitely deactivated shortly after.

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