Golden Crown

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Golden Crown
Official Imperial Iranian Air Force Aerobatic Team
6 Imperial Iranian Air Force F-5Es in an arobatic exhibit.jpg
6 F-5Es of the Golden Crown display team
Active 30 October 1958-11 February 1979
Disbanded after 1979 Revolution
Country Flag of Iran before 1979 Revolution.svg Iran
Branch IIAF-Seal.svg Imperial Iranian Air Force
Role Aerobatic display team
Part of part of 1st Fighter Interceptor Squadron
Garrison/HQ Mehrabad (THR)
Khatami Air Base
Kushke Nosrat Airport
(three Colours of flag of Iran)
head man Nader Jahanbani
Insignia (1972-1979) Golden Crown.svg
Insignia (1960-1971) Second Golden Crown insignia.png
Aircraft flown
Fighter 4 – F-84 Thunderjet
6 – F-86 Sabre
6 – F-5E

The Golden Crown (Persian: تاج طلایی Tāj-e Talāyi‎‎) was the first and national aerobatics display team of Iran and part of the former Imperial Iranian Air Force from 1958 to 1979. It was formed by Nader Jahanbani, an Iranian general, and it was mainly inspired by Sky Blazers, an American aerobatics team. During the cold war this team successfully performed in many competitions.

The Golden Crown was officially founded in 1958. Fourteen Iranian pilots were sent to Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base, Germany, in order to learn aerobatics in jet aircraft. Nine of them returned to Iran after a couple of months and the remaining five went on to undergo further flying training. After 72 training sessions, the team performed its first aerobatic display in 1958. It was equipped with four Republic F-84G Thunderjet aircraft. By 1959, it had nine F-84s.

The team performed near Mehrabad International Airport and later, at Kooshk Nosrat 100 kilometres from Tehran.

During the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the team was disbanded after the dissolution of the Imperial Iranian Air Force.

IIAF ace, Yadollah Javadpour, was a member of the Golden Crown from 1975 to 1978. Other notable members include Mohammad Amir Khatami, Nader Jahanbani, Amir Hossein Rabii, Bahram Hooshyar, and Yadollah Sharifirad.

Farhad Nasirkhani member of Golden Crown IIAF puts on Golden Crown uniform 1972 
F-5Es taking off from the Mehrabad Airport; 1970s 
Right to left: Asghar Imanian, Abdolhossein Minoosepehr, Nader Jahanbani (leader), Nader Yoosefi, Bahman Bagheri, Ayat Mohagheghi, Fariborz Bayvar 
Joint airshow with US Navy Blue Angels, 1973 
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi visiting the Golden Crown members, 1976 
An F-84G Thunderjet of the Golden Crown aerobatic team. 
An Imperial Iranian Air Force F-86 Sabre, of the Golden Crown aerobatic display team. 

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