Team 60

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Team 60
SK 60 TEAM.jpg
Team 60
Active 1974 – present
Country Sweden
Branch Flygvapnet vapen bra.svg Swedish Air Force
Role Aerobatic flight display team
Size 6 Aircraft
Base Ljungbyhed AFB
Colours Grey
Aircraft flown
Trainer SK 60

Team 60 is the aerobatic demonstration team of the Swedish Air Force.

The team, at the time still unnamed, was formed in 1974 as a group of 4 SK 60 (Swedish Air Force designation for the SAAB 105) from the Air Force Central Flying School at Ljungbyhed AFB in southern Sweden. The year after another two airplanes was added, and in spring of 1976 the first display under the new name Team 60 was flown in Gothenburg.

The unofficial name of the group were, while they were based at Ljungbyhed AFB, "En sexa Skåne" which translate to "six centilitres of Skåne Akvavit" in English. Ljungbyhed AFB is situated in the county of Skåne (Scania in English) and Skåne is also a popular kind of Akvavit at the typical Scanian Smorgasbord. There are six airplanes in the group and 6cl is a typical Swedish snaps. The group also terminated some of their shows by doing a snaps glass with smoke in the air.

Although occasionally being reduced to four, the team flies with six airplanes based in Linköping.

Unlike some other air force display teams, the team members are not full-time display pilots but in most cases senior flight instructors from the Swedish Air Force.

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