KUCHMA Electoral Bloc of Political Parties

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The KUCHMA Electoral Bloc of Political Parties, (Ukrainian: Виборчий блок політичних партій «КУЧМА») is a political alliance in Ukraine.

KUCHMA, the name of former president Leonid Kuchma, is a backronym that stands for "Конституція – Україна – Честь – Мир – Антифашизм", which is translated as Constitution – Ukraine – Honour – Peace – Antifascism.

The bloc had been organized for participation in the 2007 parliamentary election by Oleksandr Volkov, a businessman and former chief of staff to former president Leonid Kuchma.[1] At that elections the bloc failed to enter the parliament winning only 0,10% of the national vote.[2]

The Bloc consisted of: