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Elefun is a children's game from Hasbro. The object is where the player uses the net to catch butterflies from a plastic elephant's metre (3.28')-long trunk, a plastic chute through which the paper butterflies travel, propelled up by a motor in the elephant. It was released in 1993. This was repeated twice between 2003 and 2009, starting with the marketing under its "Elefun and Friends" name. This consists of Hungry Hungry Hippos, Mouse Trap, Chasing Cheeky or Gator Golf.

A 2008 direct-to-video film adaption was released exclusively as Elefun and Friends: A Tangled Tale. The film was directed by Darrell Van Citters in production of Renegade Animation with songs composed by Jared Faber.

Playskool, a subsidiary of Hasbro, created the spin-offs as the "Elefun Busy Ball Popper" in 2011. A golden butterfly was added to the game in 2012. There is also a female version called Belefun.


Elefun was designed by Omri Rothschild & Boaz Coster in 1993. It is suggested to be played between 2 and 4 players and takes approximately 10 minutes to play.[1]


Elefun is a children's game suggested to be played by preschoolers ages 3–6. The motorized elephant blows nylon butterflies into the air and all the players try and catch them in their nets. Players can also grab the butterflies off the ground to collect them in their net. The player who collects the most butterflies once the elephant is done blowing them earns a butterfly token on their net. Also, the player who catches the special blue butterfly wins a token. The first player to collect three butterfly tokens wins the game.[1]


Musical Freddy and His Flying Fish is the same game as Elefun, but instead of an elephant that blows butterflies, there is a large fish that blows out smaller fish.[1] There's also a Winnie the Pooh version.


Elefun was published by the following:


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