Episcopal Diocese of Oregon

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Diocese of Oregon
Ecclesiastical province Province VIII
Congregations 72 (2014)
Members 15,028 (2016)
Rite Episcopal
Cathedral Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, Oregon
Current leadership
Bishop Michael Joseph Hanley
Location of the Diocese of Oregon
Location of the Diocese of Oregon

The Episcopal Diocese of Oregon is a diocese of The Episcopal Church which consists of the western portion of the State of Oregon bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Columbia River, the Cascade Range and the Oregon-California border. Major cities in the diocese are Portland, Salem, Eugene and Medford. The diocese is a part of Province VIII of the Episcopal Church.

The seat of the diocese is Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, Oregon.

Michael Joseph Hanley was elected 10th bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon at the Diocese's Annual Convention on November 30, 2009.[1] He was ordained to the episcopate and installed on April 10, 2010.[2]

Bishops of Oregon[edit]

Honorific & Name Dates
1st Thomas Fielding Scott 1854–1867
2nd Benjamin Wistar Morris 1868–1906
3rd Charles Scadding 1906–1914
4th Walter Taylor Sumner 1915–1935
5th Benjamin Dunlop Dagwell 1936–1958
6th James W. F. Carman 1958-1974 (Coadjutor Bishop, 1957–1958)
7th Matthew Paul Bigliardi 1974–1985
8th Robert Louis Ladehoff 1986-2003 (Coadjutor Bishop, 1985)
9th Johncy Itty 2003–2008
10th Michael Joseph Hanley 2010-

For more information on the bishops who have served the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon, see the diocesan website http://www.diocese-oregon.org/history/

Suffragan and Assisting Bishops[edit]

  • Hal Raymond Gross, Suffragan Bishop, 1965–1979
  • Sandy (Sanford Zangwill Kaye) Hampton, Assisting Bishop, 2008-2010 (previously Suffragan Bishop of Minnesota 1989-1996 and Assistant Bishop of Olympia, 1996–2003)


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