European route E127

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E127 shield

Map of E127 in red
Night view of Semey bridge on Irtysh River on AH60
Semey Bridge across Irtysh River on E127
Major junctions
North endOmsk, Russia
South endMaykapshagay, Kazakhstan
Countries Russia
Highway system
International E-road network

European route E 127 is a Class A north-south reference European route that connects Western Siberia with eastern Kazakhstan, spanning 1,330 kilometres (830 mi).


The E 127 routes through Russia and Kazakhstan:



Maykapshagay (47°29′38″N 85°36′29″E / 47.494°N 85.608°E / 47.494; 85.608) is the easternmost place reached by a European route, and is located about 150 km from the place that is farthest from the ocean.

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