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The first cabinet of Gerbrandy (1940–1941) was one of the four cabinets during the Dutch government in exile which were seated in London. The cabinet is formed after the Second De Geer cabinet resigned after Queen Wilhelmina withdrew her confidence in the cabinet because of their approach towards the war with Germany. On August 28, 1940 Pieter Gerbrandy was appointed (in)formateur and on September 3, the cabinet was installed.

The minister for Agriculture and Fishing, Arie Adriaan van Rhijn, was appointed extraordinary member of the Netherlands Court of Audit. Since there was little work in his ministry while the government was in exile in London, he was not replaced, but his tasks were assumed by the minister for Trade.

The cabinet fell in June 1941 after a conflict between Queen Wilhelmina and minister Adriaan Dijxhoorn of Defense, leading to the dismissal of the minister. Immediately, also the other ministers resigned, and the cabinet continued for five weeks as a demissionary cabinet until the ministries were redistributed and the Second Gerbrandy cabinet was installed. Ministers Charles Joseph Ignace Marie Welter and Maximilien Paul Léon Steenberghe (both RKSP) resigned in July 1941, even though the government was demissionary, because of a conflict with Prime Minister Gerbrandy.[1]


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