For The Gambia Our Homeland

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For The Gambia Our Homeland
Coat of arms of The Gambia.svg

National anthem of  Gambia
LyricsVirginia Julia Howe
MusicJeremy Frederic Howe
Audio sample
For The Gambia Our Homeland (instrumental)

"For The Gambia Our Homeland" is the national anthem of the Gambia, written by Virginia Julia Howe and composed by Jeremy Frederic Howe (based on the traditional Mandinka song Foday Kaba Dumbuya). It was adopted after an international competition to produce an anthem (and flag) before independence in 1965.

The English lyrics are as follows:

English lyrics
For The Gambia, our homeland
We strive and work and pray,
That all may live in unity,
Freedom and peace each day.
Let justice guide our actions
Towards the common good,
And join our diverse peoples
To prove man's brotherhood.
We pledge our firm allegiance,
Our promise we renew;
Keep us, great God of nations,
To The Gambia ever true.

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