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قَسَمًا (Arabic) / Tagallit (Berber)
English: We Pledge
Qasaman / Tagallit
Seal of Algeria.svg

National anthem of  Algeria
Also known as Qassaman
Lyrics Mufdi Zakariah, 1956
Music Mohamed Fawzi, 1955
Adopted 1963
Music sample

Kassaman or Qasaman (Arabic: قَسَمًا‎‎, "with pledge"; Berber: Tagallit, "the oath/the pledge") is the title of the national anthem of Algeria. It was adopted in 1963, shortly after Independence.


The lyrics were written by Mufdi Zakariah in 1956 while imprisoned by French colonial forces. He allegedly wrote the verses using his blood on the walls of the prison's 69th cell. The composer of the music is the Egyptian Musician Mohamed Fawzi. The lyrics of Kassaman make direct reference to another state, France, the former colonial power in Algeria.[1]


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