Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad

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Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad
Gandarrappido The Revenger Squad Official Poster.jpeg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byJoyce Bernal[1]
Produced by
  • Vincent Del Rosario III
  • Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus
Music byCarmina R. Cuya
Distributed byStar Cinema
Release date
  • December 25, 2017 (2017-12-25)
Running time
112 minutes
Box office₱571 million
(January 17, 2018)

Gandarrapiddo!: The Revenger Squad[1][2] is a 2017 Philippine action comedy superhero film directed by Joyce Bernal[1] and starred by Vice Ganda, Daniel Padilla, and Pia Wurtzbach. It is distributed and produced by Star Cinema, serving as an official entry to the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival.


Main cast[edit]

Vice Ganda portrays Emerson "Emy" Mariposque / Gandarra
Daniel Padilla portrays Chino Mariposque / Rappido
Pia Wurtzbach portrays Cassandra Stockings / Cassandra "Cassey" Mariposque / Kweenie
  • Vice Ganda as Emerson "Emy" Mariposque / Gandarra :
    A low-cost makeup reseller and cleaning rag maker who lives in a decrepit house with his brother, Chino. He suffered from memory loss after being involved in a "great battle" among super beings which took place years before the main story line of the film began. Before he lost his memory, he is a superhero named Gandarra who draws power from a bertud or artifact in a form of a lipstick which he later applies on himself to transform to his alter-ego. Gandarra's signature weapon is a Lipstick Spear.[3]
Vice Ganda himself was involved in creating the costume design for his character. He said that he and the producers first decided on the color scheme of the costume and Vice said that he wanted the costume to be vibrantly colored while also look good to appeal to children. Elements of the mobile game, EverWing which was popular at that time, as well as Sailor Moon was also incorporated in the costume.[4]
  • Daniel Padilla as Chino Mariposque / Rappido :
    The 21 year old brother of Emy who is characterized as "siga (lit. badboy) with a heart". He possesses superhuman strength and supersonic speed who adopts the alias Rappido.[3]
Director Joyce B. Bernal said that the costume design of Padilla's character was made to reflect the "manly character" and the superhuman speed ability of his character.[4]
  • Pia Wurtzbach as Cassandra Stockings / Cassandra "Cassey" Mariposque / Kweenie :
    An orphan who became a rising fashion designer and international model who goes by the super-powered alias Kweenie. She possess combat skills, knowledge in advance technology and hypnosis ability known as "smizenopsis".[3]
Wurtzbach's involvement in The Revenger Squad marks the first time that Wurtzbach will portray a lead role and a superhero character.[5] Wurtzbach took refresher courses on acting before the filming of Gandarappido began.[6] Her previous acting stint was a guest role in the television series Aryana.[5] Director Bernal stated that the only "requirement" for the costume design of Kweenie is for it to be color gold as a nod to Wurtzbach being the titleholder of Miss Universe 2015[4]

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Ejay Falcon as Mino :
    A supervillain who is trapped within a mirror. He seeks to get Gandarra's lipstick which would free him from his imprisonment.[7]
  • Loisa Andalio as Velle :
    A close friend and neighbor of Chino Mariposque.
  • Justin James Quilantang as Juvee/Enrique Heal
    The only boy in the Mariposque household who is known for being mischievous. As a provider of food, he helps Barna in her superheroine battles.[3]
  • Wacky Kiray as Bul-Dog / Pospora:
    A member of the Mariposque household who is a street cigarette vendor. As Pospora, he has the ability to control and produce fire like a match stick.[3]
  • Lassy Marquez as Bokbok / Flawlessa :
    A loyal friend of Emy Mariposque who acts as a aunt-figure to Chino. He sells floors as a living and as Flawlessa he draws powers from his pimples (or pimplets as he calls them) which he can multiply at will to use as his weapons.[3]
  • MC Calaquian as Luz-Luz / Higopa
    A soda reseller who lives with the Mariposques. As the superhero Higopa, he possess indestructible fat and has the ability the engulf and puff virtually anything.[3]
  • Karla Estrada as Peppa/Barna[4]
    The annoying neighbor of the Mariposques who runs a food delivery business. As the superheroine, Barna, she draws power from food.[3]
  • RK Bagatsing as Renz / Madman :
    A supervillain who is the real biological father of Chino and Gandarra´s greatest enemy. [7]
  • Carlo Mendoza as Himself
  • Michael Flores as Professor Clean
  • Alvin Ronquillo
  • Warren Tablo

Cameo role[edit]

Kris Aquino was offered to make a cameo appearance in the film to portray an antagonistic role. She declined saying that companies managing the brands she endorses may not be amicable to her playing a role of an antagonist.[9]


Gandarrapiddo was initially known to the public under at least two working titles, the first being simply known as The Revengers. In August 2017, it was announced that the name of the film was changed to Gandarah N’ Gwapito: The Revengers.[10] Principal photography of Gandarappiddo: The Revenger Squad officially began by July 2017.[11]


Gandarappiddo: The Revenger Squad premiered in Philippine cinemas on December 25, 2017 as one of the eight official entries of the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival.[12]


An official microsite for The Revenger Squad was launched on December 13, 2017.[13] The official theme song of the film is "Gigil si Aquo". A music video which featured Vice Ganda was released as part of efforts to market the film.[14] A lyric video was later released which featured the characters of Vice Ganda, Daniel Padilla, and Pia Wurtzbach and included "never-before-seen moments on set".[15] The song is sound like Blackpink's Boombayah. [16]


The Revenger Squad's total box office gross during the official run of the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival is ₱540 million, making it the top grossing film among the festival entries.[17] By January 17, 2018, the overall domestic box office gross of the film which screened beyond the official run of the film festival amounted to ₱571 million.[18]

Potential sequel[edit]

In January 2018, Vice Ganda, one of the stars of The Revengers Squad, hinted that the film might have a sequel remarking that there is still yet to be explored regarding the characters of film.[19]


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