Germany–United Arab Emirates relations

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Germany-United Arab Emirates relations
Map indicating locations of Germany and United Arab Emirates


United Arab Emirates

Germany – United Arab Emirates relations are the relations between the United Arab Emirates and Germany. They were established in May 1972.[1] The U.A.E. has an embassy in Berlin and consulate-general in Munich while Germany maintains an embassy in Abu Dhabi and a consulate-general in Dubai. German exports amount to 5.84 billion Euros.[2] German companies significantly contribute to the UAE’s ongoing infrastructure projects and play a leading role in the country’s alternative energy developments.[3] Consequently, German Business Park, an area designed to house several of the already seven hundred present companies and their logistical needs, is in the midst of construction.[4]

UAE Embassy in Berlin

There are thousands of expatriate Germans in the United Arab Emirates who have helped maintain connections between the two countries.


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