Hannelore Knuts

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Hannelore Knuts
Hannelore Knuts.jpg
Knuts in Paris, October 2006.
Born (1977-11-04) 4 November 1977 (age 41)[1]
Modeling information
Height5 ft 9.5 in (1.77 m)[1]
Hair colorBlack[1]
Eye colorBlue[1]
AgencyThe Model CoOp (New York)
Elite Model Management (Paris)
Special Management (Milan)
Models 1 (London)
Dominique Models (Brussels)
M4 Models (Hamburg) [2]

Hannelore Knuts (born 4 November 1977) is a Belgian actress and fashion model who began modeling in the late 90s.[3] According to Vanity Fair, " She started modeling for Branquinho and Simons shortly after being spotted at the Antwerp train station, and would go on to model for Gucci and Chanel."[4]

She has appeared on the cover of Vogue seven times: five times on the Italian edition, and once each on the South Korean and Japanese editions.[1] Her 2011-12 film credits include Nicolas Provost's The Invader[5] and the Radio Soulwax project Dave, in which she plays the title role of David Bowie.[6]

She has collaborated on art projects with several artists,[3] including a project in 2011 where video artists applied 365 layers of makeup to her face.[7] She served as the model for Michaël Borremans's painting The Angel.[8] In 2013, she curated an exhibition "UltraMegaLore" at the Modemuseum Hasselt [nl], based on her career of acting and modeling.[3][9]


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