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Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
League logo
Metro area Capital District
Country United States
Founded 2008
Teams Hellions of Troy
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Rollarama Skating Center, Schenectady, NY
Affiliations WFTDA
Org. type none
Website hellionsoftroyrollerderby.com

Hellions of Troy Roller Derby (HoTRD) is a women's flat track roller derby league based in the Capital District in New York. They are full members of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association and play under the association's rules.[1] The Hellions of Troy are dedicated to making the sport as fast, strategic, and gripping as possible. They are 100 percent skater owned and operated, with members running all aspects of league management, including bout production, coaching, public relations, and merchandising.

The Hellions of Troy Roller Derby League consists of both an A team and a B team, the Hellions and the Herculadies respectively. The Herculadies made their debut in the 2012 season.


2013 season[edit]

Hellions (A) Interleague: 2W|6L Herculadies (B) Interleague: 0W|4L [2][3]

November 9th – Home vs Jersey Shore Roller Girls (Asbury Park, NJ) Hellions 351 Jersey Shore 160

October 26th – Away vs Brandywine Roller Girls (Downingtown, PA) Hellions 117 Brandywine 282

October 26th – Away vs Gotham Girls Roller Derby Grand Central Terminators (New York, NY) Hellions 81 Gotham 423

October 12th – Home vs Chautauqua County Babes of Wrath (Russell, PA) Herculadies 145 Babes of Wrath 212

September 29th – Away vs Hudson Valley Horrors Roller Derby (Hyde Park, NY) Hellions 159 Hudson Valley 142

July 13th – Herculadies vs Enchanted Mountain (Olean, NY) Herculadies 135 Enchanted Mountain 298

June 29th-30th – East Coast Derby Extravaganza (Philadelphia, PA) Hellions 156 River City Rollergirls 209 (Richmond, VA) Hellions 194 Lowcountry Highrollers 215 (Charleston, SC)

June 1- Away vs the Lumber Jills (Plattsburgh, NY) Herculadies 47 Lumber Jills 309

April 13- Home vs the Lumber Jills Plattsburgh, NY Herculadies 170 Lumber Jills 197

March 23- Away vs Roc City Roller Derby (Rochester, NY) Hellions 126 Roc City 306

March 2 – Home vs Green Mountain Derby Dames Grade A Fancies (Essex Junction, VT) Hellions 110 GMDD 228

2012 season[edit]

Hellions (A) Interleague: 1W|8L Herculadies (B) Interleague: 5W|1L Empire Skate Showdown: 1W|1L[4][5]

November 10 – Home vs Assault City (Syracuse, NY) Herculadies 142 Battery Brigade 88

October 13 – Home vs Pair O Dice (Wilbraham, MA) Herculadies 218 Pair O’ Dice City Rollers 140

September 1 – Empire Skate Showdown 3 Hellions of Troy 67 ACRD Assault Squad 92 (Syracuse, NY) Hellions 97 Plattsburgh North Country Lumber Jills 80 (Plattsburgh, NY)

August 18 Away vs New Hampshire Roller Derby (Manchester, NH) Herculadies 85 Queen City Cherry Bombs 201

August 4 Away vs. Ithaca (Ithaca, NY) Hellions 114 SufferJets 202

July 21 Home vs Long Island (Long Island, NY) Hellions 191 Long Island Roller Rebels 154

July 7 Away vs. Assault City (Syracuse, NY) Hellions 94 ACRD Assault Squad 223 Herculadies 202 Battery Brigade 58

June 16 Home vs. the Lumber Jills (Plattsburgh, NY) Herculadies 157 Plattsburgh North Country Lumber Jills 126

June 9 Away vs. CTRollerGirls (Stamford, CT) Hellions 69 Stepford Sabotage 260 (CTRG)

June 2 Away vs CNYRD Wonder Brawlers (Rome, NY) Herculadies 183 Wonder Brawlers 95 (CNY)

May 12 – Away vs. Rideau Valley Roller Girls (Ottawa, Ontario) Hellions 74 Slaughter Daughters 241

April 28 Home vs Providence Roller Derby Killah Bees (Providence, RI) Hellions 169 Killah Bees 177

March 17 – Home vs Assault City (Syracuse, NY) Hellions 154 Assault City 160

February 25 Away vs. Suburbia Roller Derby (Yonkers, NY) Hellions 75 Suburbia 250

January 29 Away vs. Green Mountain Derby Dames (Essex Junction, VT) Hellions 138 GMDD 141

2011 season[edit]

Interleague: 10W|3L Empire Skate Showdown: 2W|2L (third place)

November 5, 2011 Home vs. Hudson Valley Horrors Roller Derby (Hyde Park, NY) Hellions 162 HVH 58

September 24, 2011 Home vs. Maine Roller Derby’s Calamity Janes (Portland, ME) Hellions 201 Maine 109

September 3, 2011 Empire Skate Showdown Strikes Back hosted by the Long Island Roller Rebels Hellions 67 Hudson Valley Horrors 40 Hellions 74 Roc City 71 Hellions 32 Central New York 86 Hellions 23 Gotham Girls’ Wall Street Traitors 115

August 6, 2011 Home vs. Garden State Rollergirls (Newark, NJ) Hellions 154 GSR 98

July 23, 2011 Away vs. Roc City (Rochester, NY) Hellions 85 Roc City 89

July 9, 2011 Away vs. CT RollerGirl’s Yankee Brutals (Stamford, CT) Hellions 134 Yankee Brutals 68

July 2, 2011 Away vs. Watertown (Watertown, NY) Hellions 188 Watertown 78

June 11, 2011 Away vs. Montreal’s Les Filles du Roi (Montreal, QC) Hellions 112 Montreal 134

June 4, 2011 Home vs. Skyland Rollergirls (Knowlton, NJ) Hellions 106 Skyland 93

May 14, 2011 Away vs. Garden State Rollergirls (Newark, NJ) Hellions 183 GSR 72

April 23, 2011 Away vs. Utica Rollergirls (Utica, NY) Hellions 162 URG 69

March 5, 2011 Home vs. Providence Roller Derby – Killah Bees (Providence, RI) Hellions 54 Killah Bees 211

February 19, 2011 Away vs. Green Mountain Derby Dames – Black Ice Brawlers (Essex Junction, VT) Hellions 164 GMDD 30

February 5, 2011 Home vs. Oz Roller Girls (Oswego, NY) Hellions 171 OZRG 90

January 15, 2011 Home vs. Nickel City Knockouts (Buffalo, NY) Hellions 130 NCKO 121

2010 season[edit]

July 24, 2010 Home vs. ManchVegas Roller Girls (Manchester, NH) Hellions 139 ManchVegas 44 [6][7][8]

June 12, 2010 Away vs. Calamity Janes (Portland, ME) ME 157 Hellions 85 [6][9][10]

May 8, 2010 Away vs. Utica Roller Girls Utica Roller Girls 205 Hellions 99 [6][9]

April 3, 2010 Away vs. Central New York Roller Derby (Utica, NY) Central NY Roller Derby 97 Hellions 71 [9]

2009 season[edit]

August 15, 2009 Home vs Coal City Rollers Breaker Babes (Wilkes-Barre, PA) Hellions 95 Breaker Babes 157[9]

July 18, 2009 Home vs. Rideau Valley Roller Girls Slaughter Daughters (Ottawa, ON) Hellions 86 Slaughter Daughters 117[9]

June 20, 2009 Home vs. Long Island Roller Rebels B-Team (Massapequa, NY) Hellions 79 LIRR 168[9]

June 6, 2009 Home vs. Assault City Roller Derby (Syracuse, NY) Hellions 109 ACRD 89

May 16, 2009 Away vs. Green Mountain Derby Dames (Essex Junction, VT) Hellions 93 Green Mountain 121[9]

May 9, 2009 Home vs. Utica Roller Girls (Utica, NY) Hellions 166 Utica Roller Girls 159[9]

February 15, 2009 Home vs. Ice Queens (Ithaca/Syracuse pickup team) Hellions 102 Ice Queens 131[9]

2008 season[edit]

December 7, 2008 Home vs. Green Mountain Derby Dames Hellions 182 Green Mountain 92[9]

October 11, 2008 Away vs. Ithaca League of Women Rollers SufferJets (Ithaca, NY) @ Cass Park Hellions 96 SufferJets 115 [11]


The Hellions formed in 2008 and spent the winter practicing and bouting at the Fun Spot in Glens Falls.[12] Negotiations for the Hellions 2009 summer season at the Glens Falls Civic Center began in October 2008 and continued through the Hellions' December bout against the Green Mountain Derby Dames[13] and into 2009. In March 2009, the league announced its inaugural six-bout season in Troy, NY.[14] The Hellions currently skate at Rollarama Skating Center in Rotterdam, NY.

In October 2011, the Hellions became an apprentice member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association,[15] and it became a full member in December 2012.[16]


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