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Idmo is a village which lies about 12 kilometres to the west of Minya city, the capital of Minya Governorate, upper Egypt.

The population of this village, according to the last census in 2006, is 25,000 ([1]). It is surrounded by water (Yusof sea) from all the directions except the west (peninsula). It is bound by Demsheer village from the east, Toukh village from the south, Hahia village from the north and Aljamala village from the west.

As in most of Egypt rural areas, the village is formed of many tribes: Abdalla, Awaisa, Rakaiba, Ayaida, jarkma, shorafaa, zaaira etc. The most famous tribe is Abdalla as it has national and international well-educated figures The literacy rate in this village is about 50%. Although this rate is low in general, it is even lower in certain tribes. The highest literacy rate is in Abdalla tribe. From this tribe are the following famous names: Professor Ali Khalaf Mahrous, professor of ear, nose and throat – He is also an international figure and well known in England as well. The Judge Hamdi Khalifa and police officers Omar Khalifa and Mohamed Khalifa. Also, Professor Ahmed Abdelwahab, professor in the faculty of engineering. Outside Abdalla tribe is Dr Atef Abdelhakim who is a lecturer in the faculty of engineering. A bridge over the yusof sea has helped the trade in Idmo village as it connected it directly to the east and made it easier to commute to the Alminia city itself (


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