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Indenor (acronym for "société Industrielle de l'Est et du Nord") - was a subsidiary of Automobiles Peugeot, specializing in the manufacture of diesel engines.

In 1898, an engineering plant was built in Lille which later became the CLM (Compagnie Lilloise de Moteurs) founded in April 1928 by Peugeot. In the beginning, the plant produced engines under licence from Junkers in Germany. The first engine had two vertical cylinders with opposed pistons. In 1955 the company changed name to CGM (Compagnie Générale de Moteurs) before the name was changed to Indenor with the introduction of a new type of engine, a 4 cyl. 48 hp RICARDO (CT) licence. Diesel engines were produced in large numbers for the Peugeot 403 and 404, later 504, 604 and 505, but these engines also found their way into a vast number of other applications. Examples include Talbot Tagora, Ford ( Granada, Sierra and Scorpio ), Mahindra, TATA, ARO, DAF and GAZ-24 Volga. Commercial car examples include Opel Blitz, Peugeot D3 and D4, Peugeot J7, Peugeot J9, Citroën H Van, Renault Voltigeur and Goélette and the Portuguese 4x4 UMM Alter. Other areas include boats,(Volvo Penta,Vetus,Lehman,Indenor bootsmotor) tractors, agricultural machinery, railway tractors, sweeping machines, forklifts, airport tugs and more. Indenor also produced stationary engines for hydraulic pumps, generators and the like. The 4 cylinder XD3 engine was used in the Peugeot P4 military jeep, and this engine is still in production in Germany for the Panhard PVP and some other applications.