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The International Grace of God Church (Portuguese: Igreja Internacional da Graça de Deus) is a Brazilian evangelical church founded by Romildo Ribeiro Soares (R.R. Soares) in 1980, at Rua Lauro Neiva in the city of Rio de Janeiro after Soares split with Edir Macedo. As of 2015 the church had a television program called "Faith Show", broadcast during primetime on Rede Bandeirantes and in the mornings and afternoons on Rede TV.


As of 2015 there are more than 2,000 International Grace of God churches throughout Brazil, from the north to the south, and churches in Lisbon, Portugal, Pompano Beach, Florida, Miami, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Brandon, Florida, New Jersey, Corona, New York, Somerville, Massachusetts and Fall River, Massachusetts in the United States.


The doctrine of the church includes the following activities:

  • Preach that the word in the Bible is to perform healing through prayer.
  • At the end of the worship service, the prayer of faith is performed, in which the missionary, with biblical basis, does a prayer in Jesus' name.
  • Teaches that the ordaining is the key to receiving God's blessings.

The International Grace of God Church Template:As pf had a network of television stations called RIT (International Network Television) in major cities in Brazil. They display a daily program on a prime-time network, Bandeirantes, and at night show Faith Show, with Soares as preacher. The program of the Faith Show includes music and shows pictures as: "Novela da Vida Real" and "O Missionário Responde" and "Abrindo o Coração". The final activity is the prayer of faith.

R.R. Soares had worked with bishop Edir Macedo of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God,but they broke off relations in 1978, after disagreements in theology. In 1980 Soares founded the International Grace of God Church.

The Church's first temple opened in the city of Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, followed by others throughout Brazil and in other countries. The International Church of God's Grace is accepted and recognized as a "Legitimate Christian Fellowship Church" by other denominations and their respective ministers.[citation needed]

There is daily worship at the international headquarters of the International Grace of God Church in Sao Paulo, with services performed by Soares.

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