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The legends says that this (Ivor Madom) is the place where Pandavas, after Kurukshetra war, got relief from their mental agony by doing prayers and Bali Tarpanas for their Gurujis and cousins who were killed by them in the war. Bharathapuzha is believed to have cleansed them of all their sins and restored their mental strength. 'Ivor' literally means 'five people' in Malayalam, and thus the temple came to be known as Ivor Madom after the five Pandavas. Even now, hundreds of people come to Ivor Madom Sree Krishna temple and do the last rites and Bali Tarpanam to those departed souls dear to them.

Temple dress code[edit]

 Men: Traditional Mundu Allowed. 
      Lungi, Shirt and Banian Not allowed inside Sanctum Sanctorum. 
 Women: Saree, Set Mundu, Salwar Kameez, Skirts and Blouse allowed


Ivor Madom is located in Thiruvilwamala, also spelt Thiruvilluamala, a hilly village in the northern terrain of Thrissur district of Kerala state in southern India. Bharathapuzha flows through the north of the village.

Other features[edit]

The main deity is Lord Krishna, in Parthasarathy form facing east. His idol is 6 ft tall. Mahaganapathy, Ayyappan, Nagas, Shiva, etc. are the sub-deities. Palpayasam is the main nivedyam.

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