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Jack Schlossberg
Secretary Kerry is Greeted by Ambassador Kennedy (cropped).jpg
Schlossberg (left), pictured with his mother Caroline Kennedy (center) greeting John Kerry (right), when Kerry arrived at the Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station in Japan in April 2016.
Born John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg[1]
(1993-01-19) January 19, 1993 (age 25)
New York City, New York, U.S.
Education Collegiate School (New York City)
Alma mater Yale University (B.A.)
Harvard University
Parent(s) Caroline Kennedy
Edwin Schlossberg
Relatives Rose Schlossberg (sister)
Tatiana Schlossberg (sister)
John F. Kennedy Jr. (uncle)
John F. Kennedy (grandfather)
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (grandmother)
Family Kennedy family

John Bouvier Kennedy "Jack" Schlossberg (born January 19, 1993)[2] is the youngest child and only son of Caroline Kennedy, the former U.S. Ambassador to Japan, and the only grandson of John F. Kennedy, the 35th U.S. President. He graduated from Yale University in 2015 and entered Harvard Law School in the fall of 2017.[3]

Early life and education[edit]

Schlossberg was born in New York City on January 19, 1993, to designer Edwin Arthur "Ed" Schlossberg (born 1945) and Caroline Kennedy (born 1957), daughter of the U.S. President John F. Kennedy (1917–1963) and First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (1929–1994). Schlossberg has two older sisters, Rose and Tatiana. Schlossberg's father comes from an Orthodox Jewish family of Ukrainian descent, and his mother is a Catholic of Irish, French, Scottish, and English descent. Schlossberg was raised in his mother's religion,[4] and he also observes Jewish traditions, holidays, and holy days.[5] As the lone grandson of President and Mrs. Kennedy, Schlossberg became the only surviving male descendant of JFK's immediate family after his maternal uncle, John F. Kennedy Jr., died in a plane crash in 1999.[6]

In eighth grade, Schlossberg co-founded ReLight New York, a non-profit organization that raised more than $100,000 to install compact fluorescent lights in low-income housing developments.[2] In 2011, he graduated as class valedictorian from Collegiate School (New York City) on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.[7]

Schlossberg attended Yale University, graduating in 2015 with a degree in history with a focus on Japanese history.[1] While there, Schlossberg wrote for the Yale Daily News and Yale Herald,[8] and received EMT training.

Schlossberg entered Harvard Law School in the fall of 2017.[9] He is in the joint degree program of J.D. and M.B.A. from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School.[10]

Business career[edit]

In October 2015, after graduating from Yale, Schlossberg started working at Rakuten, Inc, a Japanese internet and e-commerce company, in Tokyo, Japan . He met Hiroshi Mikitani, the CEO of Rakuten, while visiting Sendai accompanying Caroline on duties.[11]

In 2016, Schlossberg worked for the U.S. Department of State and Suntory Holdings Limited, a Japanese brewing, distilling and beverage company.[12]

Public appearances[edit]

In November 2013, Schlossberg attended the Medal of Freedom Award Dinner to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his grandfather's death where he introduced President Barack Obama.[13] Schlossberg is a member of the John F. Kennedy Library New Frontier Award Committee, for which he has acted as the award presenter.[14][15] He is on the committee of the Profile in Courage Award and was the host for the 2014 ceremony.[16]

Schlossberg made several public appearances in Japan and the United States accompanying his mother Caroline on duties while she was served as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan from 2013 to 2017. In May 2014, he and Caroline visited Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. On May 5, they toured Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant wearing yellow helmets and white protective suits with their last names emblazoned on them. He said there, "I hope my peers, my generation in the United States will keep Fukushima in mind and understand that there is still work to be done and we can all do something to help."[17][18] On April 10, 2016, he and Caroline greeted the then U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, who arrived at the Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan to attend the G7 foreign ministers' meeting in Hiroshima prefecture.[19]

In November 2017, Schlossberg presented the New Frontier Award to U.S. Congressman Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) and May Boeve, executive director of 350.org.[20][21]

Acting and other[edit]

On May 11, 2018, Schlossberg made his acting debut as Officer Jack Hammer on the eighth-season finale of the television show Blue Bloods.[22]

In 2017 he was named to the Vanity Fair "Best Dressed List".[23]

Personal life[edit]

In September 2012, Schlossberg stated his interest to pursue a career in politics.[24]

Schlossberg in a November 2017 interview with People, he stated he is a fan of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.[20][22] He bought a dog and named him "Chester," says Schlossberg when asked the puppy’s name, explaining that it’s because "he looks exactly like the former President, Chester A. Arthur ."[20]


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