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Josh Cooley
Nationality American
Occupation Animator, director, storyboard artist, screenwriter, and voice actor
Years active 2004–present
Known for Inside Out

Josh Cooley is an American animator, director, storyboard artist, screenwriter, and voice actor. He is best known for working on 2015 Pixar's animated film Inside Out and directing a short film Riley's First Date?. He will also co-direct Toy Story 4.


Cooley started his career as an intern at the Pixar Animation Studios,[1] where he mostly worked as a storyboard artist on several films like The Incredibles in 2004, Cars in 2006, Ratatouille in 2007, Up in 2009, and Cars 2 in 2011.[2] In 2009, Cooley wrote and directed a short film George & A.J. for Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures.[2]

In 2015, Cooley worked as a screenwriter and storyboard supervisor on the film Inside Out, the film was released on June 19, 2015 by the Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.[3] The same year, he wrote and directed another short film titled Riley's First Date? which released along with the Inside Out's Blu-ray.[4][3]

Cooley is currently set to co-direct the Pixar's Toy Story 4 with John Lasseter.[1][5]



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