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KP Namboodiris is an ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company situated in Thrissur City of Kerala State in India. It also has an interest in personal care and health care products. The company was started in 1925 by its founder K.P. Namboodiri (Kolathappilly Pothayan Namboothiri) in Thrissur. The company has a research & development department.[1][2][3][4]


Kolathappilly Pothayan Namboodiri, a member of Kolathappilly Mana in Vadakkekkad near Guruvayoor in the north-western part of Thrissur district, started this company with the help of some local ayurvedic physicians in 1925. At first, the only product produced was 'Dandadhavanachoornam' (Tooth powder). Namboodiri's fame rose high


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