Kanyaza Gyi

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Kanyaza Gyi
King of Danyawaddy
Reign 825–788 BCE
Predecessor Founder
Successor Thila Raza
Born 861
Died 788 BCE (aged 73)
Consort Thubadda Dewi (သုဘဒ္ဒါဒေဝီ)
Father Abhiyaza

Kanyaza Gyi (Burmese: ကံရာဇာကြီး, pronounced: [kàɴjàzà dʑí]; also spelled Kanraza Gri) was the legendary founder of the Second Danyawaddy Dynasty of Arakan. According to Hmanan Yazawin (the Glass Palace Chronicle), Kanyaza Gyi was the eldest son of King Abhiyaza of Tagaung, a prince of the Sakya clan of the Buddha who came from the ancient kingdom of Kosala (present-day northern India). After his father died in 825 CE, Kanyaza Gyi lost out the throne to his younger brother Kanyaza Nge. He left Tagaung with his followers. He eventually settled at the abandoned capital of Danyawaddy in present-day Rakhine State, and founded the Second Danyawaddy Dynasty.[1]

The story of Abhiyaza, Kanyaza Gyi and Kanyaza Nge appeared for the first time in an official Burmese royal chronicle only in 1832, part of the efforts by the early Konbaung kings to promote a more orthodox version of Theravada Buddhism. The Abhiyaza story linked the Burmese monarchy to the Buddha and superseded then prevailing pre-Buddhist origin story involving one Pyusawhti, son of a solar spirit and a dragon princess.[2][3]

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Kanyaza Gyi
Born: 861 Died: 788 BCE
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Danyawaddy
825 – 788 BCE
Succeeded by
Thila Raza