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KenRadio Broadcasting was an online talk radio station with its main focus on the latest technology news. Produced in Los Angeles and occasionally on location at big trade shows and other important events, Ken Rutkowski and Andy Abramson's audio and video shows covered media, technology, and entertainment topics as well as regularly highlight events to help connect individuals and companies with key relationships they need in the entertainment and technology worlds.[1][2]

Tech News IQ Report[edit]

KenRadio’s daily newsletter Daily Tech News Clicks (IQ Report), read by an audience of over 42,000 daily (01/01/10), provided statistical overview and daily podcasts Monday through Friday, encompassing major media, technology, and entertainment news from around the globe.

World Tech Round Up[edit]

KenRadio’s daily talk show--World Tech Round Up, listened by 175,000 people from over 40 countries, primarily U.S.)[3]— was a daily technology news internet radio talk show with a personalized insight and perspective on global high tech industry business news and views from around the globe hosted by Ken Rutkowski and Andy Abramson.

From 1995, this online radio talk show provided updates on the latest news, advice on what was new, what worked, and what was really important in the media, technology, and entertainment worlds. All the stories and interviews were presented in an opinionated, analytical manner, providing its listeners with a thoughtful and informative analysis of what really happens in the high tech segment.

Personal radio broadcasting site[edit]

In a 2003 Online Journalism Review article, KenRadio Broadcasting was classified as a Personal Video Broadcasting Site.[4]

News syndicators[edit]

Kenradio’s World Tech Roundup content partners included:

CBS Radio, Microsoft's and Microsoft's Mobile Windowsmedia,[5] iRadio, iTunes,[6] AOL Radio, Telstra (Australia's leading telecommunications carrier),[7] PCCW (Hong Kong's biggest telephone company), SA Telkom (South Africa's primary telephone carrier)

Conference highlights[edit]

Rutkowski broadcast his radio talk shows and participated in numerous high tech conferences and summits, including annual E-Commerce Summits [8][9] and other conferences.


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