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Not to be confused with Kyiv City State Administration.

Coordinates: 50°26′47″N 30°31′16″E / 50.44639°N 30.52111°E / 50.44639; 30.52111

Kyiv City Council
Київська міська рада
Coat of arms or logo
Coat of arms
Vitali Klitschko[1]UDAR
Since June 5, 2014
Oleksiy Reznikov[2]UDAR[3]
Since June 19, 2014
Seats 120
Last election
Meeting place
City Council and State Administration building, Kyiv, Ukraine
The Kyiv City Council building, on Khreshchatyk street.

Kyiv City Council (Ukrainian: Київська міська рада - Kyivs'ka mis'ka rada), better known as Kyivrada (Ukrainian: Київрада), is the city council of Kyiv municipality, the highest representative body of the city community. The members of city council are directly elected by Kyivans and the council is chaired by the Mayor of Kyiv (who is also directly elected in a separate election independent of the council election) or the City Council Secretary (elected among the council members). The deputies are elected for five-year terms.[4]

The council meets in a 1950s City Council building constructed in neo-classical Stalinist architectural style on Khreschatyk, the city's main street.

The last Kyiv local election (including Mayoral elections) took place on 25 May 2014.[5]


Empress of Russia Catherine the Great's municipal reform created Kyiv's city council in 1870.[6]

In its 1871 first municipal elections just under 6,000 of Kyiv's 70,500 inhabitants were qualified to vote.[7]

The first post-Soviet democratic elections of the Kyiv City Council took place on 4 March 1990.[8]

The first ceremonial raising of the yellow-and-blue Ukrainian flag in modern times took place on 24 July 1990 at the flagstaff of the City Council, two years before the flag was officially adopted as the National flag of the Ukrainian state (1992).[9] July 24 was later marked as National Flag Day in Kyiv (only).[9] Beginning with 2004, 23 August is celebrated as the Day of the National Flag (in all Ukraine).[10][9]

During the Euromaidan-protest from 1 December 2013 till 16 February 2014 Kyiv's Town Hall was occupied by protesters; this forced the City Council to meet in the Solomianka Raion state administration building instead.[11][12]

Current Deputies and Chairman[edit]

Current Chairman of the Kiev City Council Oleksiy Reznikov

Oleksiy Reznikov of UDAR was elected Secretary (=Chairman) of the Kiev City Council on 19 June 2014[2][3] In the 2008 Kiev local election Reznikov had been elected into the Kiev City Council as a member of the Mykola Katerynchuk Bloc.[3]

e • d Summary of the 25 May 2014 Kiev City Council elections (main contenders)
Parties Votes %[13] Seats (proportional representation)[14] Seats (constituencies)[15] Green Arrow Up.svg  Red Arrow Down.svg (proportional representation compared with proportional representation of 2008 election)[16]
UDAR 40.54% 30 47 Green Arrow Up.svg 29,93%
Radical Party 9.2% 7 0 Green Arrow Up.svg 9,2%
Self Reliance 6.87% 5 0 Green Arrow Up.svg 6.87%
Svoboda 6.49% 5 1 Green Arrow Up.svg 4.41%
Fatherland 4.14% 3 0 Red Arrow Down.svg 18,65
Civil Position 3.63% 3 0 Green Arrow Up.svg 3.63%
New Life 3.41% 3 0 Green Arrow Up.svg 3.41%
Unity 3.3% 2 0 Green Arrow Up.svg 1.04%
Democratic Alliance 3% 2 0 Green Arrow Up.svg 3%
Democratic Party of Ukraine 0 2
Independent candidates 0 11
Invalid ballot papers
Total (turnout %) 60 60
Note: UDAR contested the 2008 city council elections as political coalition Vitaliy Klychko Bloc, Fatherland as Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc and Unity as Oleksandr Omelchenko Bloc.

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