Line 18 (Shanghai Metro)

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Line 18
Other name(s) L5 (planned name)
Type Rapid transit
System Shanghai Metro
Status Under construction
Locale Shanghai, China
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

Shanghai Metro Line 18 is a metro line on the Shanghai Metro that has been under construction since May 12, 2016[1] with an expected completion date in 2020. The planned 44.6 km line with 30 stations will start from Changbei Road, Baoshan District, via Longyang Road to Hangtou Town, Pudong District. Line 18 will feature transfer points to lines 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 16.[2] The first phase will be 36.13 km long and run from South Changjiang Road station to Hangtou with 26 stations.[3] The second phase is planned to extend the line northwest 7 km and add five new stations. Proposals to extend the line further west are under consideration.


During the planning of Line 18, large amounts of controversy was generated among local residents when the initial alignment of the southern section of Line 18 was shifted from Kangshen Road westwards 1 km to follow the S122 Hunan Highway instead. The new alignment, instead of directly serving the densely populated Kangshen Road axis of Zhoupu town, now merely serves the western edge of Zhoupu. Planners received uncharacteristically large volume of feedback on the decision, with about one third of the 300 calls and 3000 e-mails received pertaining to the change in alignment. Industry insiders have noted that the change in alignment was a compromise between local and regional transport demands. In addition, they noted the increased difficulty and cost of constructing a subway under the narrow Kangshen Road and that there is more land open to new development along the wider Hunan Highway.[4]


Station name[5] Connections Distance
English Chinese
South Changjiang Road 长江南路  3  0.0 0.0 Baoshan
Yingao Road 殷高路
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 上海财经大学  20 [note 1] Yangpu
Fudan University 复旦大学
Guoquan Road 国权路  10 
Fushun Road 抚顺路
Jiangpu Road 江浦路  8 
Jiangpu Park 江浦公园  12 
Pingliang Road 平凉路  11 
Danyang Road 丹阳路
Changyi Road 昌邑路  14 [note 2] Pudong
Minsheng Road 民生路  6 
Middle Yanggao Road 杨高中路  9 
Yingchun Road 迎春路
Longyang Road 龙阳路  2   7   16   Maglev 
Fangxin Road 芳芯路
Beizhong Road 北中路
Lianxi Road 莲溪路  13 [note 3]
Yuqiao 御桥  11 
Hunan Highway 沪南公路
Zhoupu 周浦
Fanrong Road 繁荣路
Shenmei Road 沈梅路
Xiayan Road 下盐路
West Heli Road 鹤立西路
Hangtou 航头


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