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This is a list of Alpha Tau Omega chapters. Alpha Tau Omega is a men's fraternity in the United States.

Undergraduate chapters[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
000001 Alpha September 11, 1865 Virginia Military Institute Lexington, Virginia Inactive (Virginia Alpha) [1][2][3]

000002 Beta November 18, 1865 Washington and Lee University Lexington, Virginia Inactive (Virginia Beta) [2][3]

000004 Delta November 25, 1868 University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia Active (Virginia Delta) [3]

000005 Epsilon November 10, 1869 Roanoke College Salem, Virginia Inactive (Virginia Epsilon) [3][4][5]

000009 Iota November 15, 1867 Union University Murfreesboro, Tennessee Inactive (Tennessee Iota) [3][4][5]

000011 Lambda November 17, 1868 Cumberland University Lebanon, Tennessee Inactive (Tennessee Lambda) [3][4][5]

000012 Mu March 10, 1870 Kentucky Military Institute Lyndon, Kentucky Inactive (Kentucky Mu) [3][4][5]

000013 Nu November 2, 1871 University of Nashville Nashville, Tennessee Inactive (Tennessee Nu) [3][4][5]

000014 Xi March 30, 1872 Duke University Trinity, North Carolina Active (North Carolina Xi)
founded at Trinity College

000015 Omicron May 16, 1872 Bethel College Russellville, Kentucky Inactive (Kentucky Omicron) [3][4][5]

000016 Pi October 18, 1872 University of Tennessee, Knoxville Knoxville, Tennessee Active (Tennessee Pi)
founded at East Tennessee University

000017 Rho December 12, 1872 Bethel Academy Warrenton, Virginia Inactive (Virginia Rho)
School Closed

000019 Tau April 8, 1881 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Active (Pennsylvania Tau) [3][4][5]

000020 Upsilon November 6, 1874 George Washington University Washington, D.C. Inactive (District of Columbia Upsilon)
founded at Columbian University

000024 Omega August 1, 1877 University of the South Sewanee, Tennessee Active (Tennessee Omega) [3][4][5]

000101 Alpha Alpha September 15, 1878 University of Richmond Richmond, Virginia Inactive (Virginia Alpha Alpha)
founded at Richmond College

000102 Alpha Beta November 14, 1878 University of Georgia Athens, Georgia Active (Georgia Alpha Beta)
Refounded in 2004

000103 Alpha Gamma 1884 Central University Richmond, Kentucky Inactive (Kentucky Alpha Gamma)
School merged)

000104 Alpha Delta May 23, 1879 University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina Active (North Carolina Alpha Delta) [3][4][5]

000105 Alpha Epsilon December 18, 1879 Auburn University Auburn, Alabama Active (Alabama Alpha Epsilon)
founded at Alabama Polytechnic Institute

000106 Alpha Zeta November 27, 1880 Mercer University Macon, Georgia Active (Georgia Alpha Zeta) [3][4][5]

000107 Alpha Eta April 7, 1881 Bingham's Military School Mebane, North Carolina Inactive (North Carolina Alpha Eta) [3][4][5]

000108 Alpha Theta April 26, 1881 Emory University Atlanta, Georgia Active (Georgia Alpha Theta) [3][4][5]

000109 Alpha Iota October 14, 1881 Muhlenberg College Allentown, Pennsylvania Active (Pennsylvania Alpha Iota)
Rechartered April 30, 2011

000110 Alpha Kappa October 15, 1881 Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, New Jersey Inactive (New Jersey Alpha Kappa) [3][4][5]

000111 Alpha Lambda November 25, 1881 Columbia College New York City Inactive (New York Alpha Lambda) [3][4][5]

000112 Alpha Mu November 21, 1881 Adrian College Adrian, Michigan Active (Michigan Alpha Mu) [3][4][5]

000113 Alpha Nu February 14, 1882 University of Mount Union Alliance, Ohio Active (Ohio Alpha Nu) [3][4][5]

000114 Alpha Xi March 28, 1882 University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas Inactive (Arkansas Alpha Xi)
founded at Arkansas Industrial University

000115 Alpha Omicron February 18, 1882 St. Lawrence University Canton, New York Active (New York Alpha Omicron) [3][4][5]

000116 Alpha Pi March 12, 1882 Washington & Jefferson College Washington, Pennsylvania Active (Pennsylvania Alpha Pi) [3][4][5]

000117 Alpha Rho February 20, 1882 Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Active (New York Alpha Rho) [3][4][5]

000118 Alpha Sigma October 11, 1882 Oregon State University Corvallis, Oregon Active (Oregon Alpha Sigma)
founded at Oregon Agricultural College

000119 Alpha Tau April 10, 1881 Rhodes College Memphis, Tennessee Active (Tennessee Alpha Tau)
founded at Southwestern Presbyterian University

000120 Alpha Upsilon June 27, 1882 Gettysburg College Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Active (Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon)
founded at Pennsylvania College

000121 Alpha Phi November 25, 1883 University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina Active (South Carolina Alpha Phi)
founded at South Carolina College

000122 Alpha Chi January 1, 1883 The Citadel Charleston, South Carolina Inactive (South Carolina Alpha Chi)
founded at Citadel Academy

000123 Alpha Psi November 8, 1883 Wittenberg University Springfield, Ohio Inactive (Ohio Alpha Psi)
founded at Wittenberg College

000124 Alpha Omega February 26, 1884 University of Florida Gainesville, Florida Active (Florida Alpha Omega) [3][4][5]

000201 Beta Alpha March 16, 1885 Simpson College Indianola, Iowa Active (Iowa Beta Alpha) [3][4][5]

000202 Beta Beta March 28, 1885 Birmingham–Southern College Birmingham, Alabama Active (Alabama Beta Beta)
founded at Southern University (Alabama)

000203 Beta Gamma April 3, 1885 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts Inactive (Massachusetts Beta Gamma) [3][4][5]

000204 Beta Delta October 24, 1885 University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama Active (Alabama Beta Delta) [3][4][5]

000205 Beta Epsilon March 4, 1887 Tulane University New Orleans, Louisiana Active (Louisiana Beta Epsilon) [3][4][5]

000206 Beta Zeta April 19, 1887 University of Vermont Burlington, Vermont Inactive (Vermont Beta Zeta) [3][4][5]

000207 Beta Eta October 6, 1887 Ohio Wesleyan University Delaware, Ohio Inactive (Ohio Beta Eta) [3][4][5]

000208 Beta Theta November 11, 1887 Cornell University Ithaca, New York Active (New York Beta Theta) [3][4][5]

000209 Beta Iota September 18, 1888 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia Active (Georgia Beta Iota)
founded as Georgia School of Technology

000210 Beta Kappa January 17, 1888 Hillsdale College Hillsdale, Michigan Active (Michigan Beta Kappa) [3][4][5]

000211 Beta Lambda December 8, 1888 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Active (Michigan Beta Lambda) [3][4][5]

000212 Beta Mu December 20, 1888 University of Wooster Wooster, Ohio Inactive (Ohio Beta Mu) [3][4][5]

000213 Beta Nu December 9, 1888 Middle Georgia College Milledgeville, Georgia Inactive (Georgia Beta Nu) [3][4][5]

000214 Beta Xi February 16, 1889 College of Charleston Charleston, South Carolina Inactive (South Carolina Beta Xi) [3][4][5]

000215 Beta Omicron May 14, 1889 Albion College Albion, Michigan Active (Michigan Beta Omicron) [3][4][5]

000216 Beta Pi November 9, 1889 Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee Active (Tennessee Beta Pi) [3][4][5]

000217 Beta Rho June 24, 1890 Marietta College Marietta, Ohio Active (Ohio Beta Rho) [3][4][5]

000218 Beta Sigma October 30, 1980 Hampden-Sydney College Hampden-Sydney, Virginia Inactive (Virginia Beta Sigma) [3][4][5]

000219 Beta Tau February 28, 1894 Union University Jackson, Tennessee Active (Tennessee Beta Tau)
founded as Southwestern Baptist University

000220 Beta Upsilon April 10, 1891 University of Maine Orono, Maine Active (Maine Beta Upsilon) [3][4][5]

000221 Beta Phi May 2, 1891 Wofford College Spartanburg, South Carolina Inactive (South Carolina Beta Phi) [3][4][5]

000222 Beta Chi May 8, 1891 Haverford College Haverford, Pennsylvania Inactive (Pennsylvania Beta Chi) [3][4][5]

000223 Beta Psi December 21, 1891 Stanford University Palo Alto, California Inactive (California Beta Psi) [3][4][5]

000224 Beta Omega May 6, 1892 Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio Active (Ohio Beta Omega) [3][4][5]

000301 Gamma Alpha June 25, 1892 Colby University Waterville, Maine Inactive (Maine Gamma Alpha) [3][4][5]

000302 Gamma Beta January 29, 1893 Tufts College Medford, Massachusetts Inactive (Massachusetts Gamma Beta) [3][4][5]

000303 Gamma Gamma November 15, 1893 Rose–Hulman Institute of Technology Terre Haute, Indiana Active (Indiana Gamma Gamma)
founded as Rose Polytechnic Institute

000304 Gamma Delta September 21, 1894 Brown University Providence, Rhode Island Inactive (Rhode Island Gamma Delta) [3][4][5]

000305 Gamma Epsilon March 12, 1895 Austin College Sherman, Texas Inactive (Texas Gamma Epsilon) [3][4][5]

000306 Gamma Zeta March 16, 1895 University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign Urbana, Illinois Active (Illinois Gamma Zeta) [3][4][5]

000307 Gamma Eta 1897 University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Active (Texas Gamma Eta) [4][5]

000308 Gamma Theta 1897 University of Nebraska–Lincoln Lincoln, Nebraska Active (Nebraska Gamma Theta) [4][5]

000309 Gamma Iota April 10, 1900 University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, California Active (California Gamma Iota) [4][5]

000310 Gamma Kappa 1901 Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio Inactive (Ohio Gamma Kappa)
founded as Western Reserve University

000311 Gamma Lambda 1901 University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado Inactive (Colorado Gamma Lambda) [4][5]

000312 Gamma Mu 1901 University of Kansas Lawrence, Kansas Active (Kansas Gamma Mu) [4][5]

000313 Gamma Nu 1902 University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota Active (Minnesota Gamma Nu) [4][5]

000314 Gamma Xi 1904 University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois Inactive (Illinois Gamma Xi) [4][5]

000315 Gamma Omicron 1904 Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana Active (Indiana Gamma Omicron) [4][5]

000316 Gamma Pi 1906 University of Washington Seattle, Washington Active (Washington Gamma Pi) [4][5]

000317 Gamma Rho 1906 University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri Active (Missouri Gamma Rho) [4][5]

000318 Gamma Sigma 1906 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, Massachusetts Active (Massachusetts Gamma Sigma) [4][5]

000319 Gamma Tau 1907 University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin Inactive (Wisconsin Gamma Tau) [4][5]

000320 Gamma Upsilon 1908 Iowa State University Ames, Iowa Active (Iowa Gamma Upsilon) [4][5]

000321 Gamma Phi 1910 University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon Inactive (Oregon Gamma Phi) [4][5]

000322 Gamma Chi 1911 Washington State University Pullman, Washington Active (Washington Gamma Chi) [4][5]

000323 Gamma Psi 1913 University of Wyoming Laramie, Wyoming Active (Wyoming Gamma Psi) [4][5]

000324 Gamma Omega 1914 Pennsylvania State University State College, Pennsylvania Active (Pennsylvania Gamma Omega) [4][5]

000401 Delta Alpha 1915 Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana Active (Indiana Delta Alpha) [4][5]

000402 Delta Beta 1915 University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa Active (Iowa Delta Beta) [4][5]

000403 Delta Gamma 1917 Colgate University Hamilton, New York Inactive (New York Delta Gamma) [4][5]

000404 Delta Delta 1917 University of New Hampshire Durham, New Hampshire Inactive (New Hampshire Delta Delta)
founded as New Hampshire State College

000405 Delta Epsilon 1918 Southern Methodist University University Park, Texas Inactive (Texas Delta Epsilon) [4][5]

000406 Delta Zeta 1918 Washington University in St. Louis St. Louis, Missouri Inactive (Missouri Delta Zeta) [4][5]

000407 Delta Eta 1920 Colorado State University Ft. Collins, Colorado Active (Colorado Delta Eta) [5]

000408 Delta Theta 1920 Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas Active (Kansas Delta Theta) [5]

000409 Delta Iota 1921 University of Nevada, Reno Reno, Nevada Active (Nevada Delta Iota) [5]

000410 Delta Kappa 1921 University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma Active (Oklahoma Delta Kappa) [5]

000411 Delta Lambda 1922 University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio Active (Ohio Delta Lambda) [5]

000412 Delta Mu 1922 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, New York Inactive (New York Delta Mu) [5]

000413 Delta Nu 1922 University of North Dakota Grand Forks, North Dakota Active (North Dakota Delta Nu) [5]

000414 Delta Xi 1923 University of Montana – Missoula Missoula, Montana Inactive (Montana Delta Xi) [5]

000415 Delta Omicron 1923 Drake University Des Moines, Iowa Re-colonized in 2012 (Iowa Delta Omicron) [5]

000416 Delta Pi 1923 Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Inactive (Pennsylvania Delta Pi) [5]

000417 Delta Rho 1924 DePauw University Greencastle, Indiana Active (Indiana Delta Rho) [5]

000418 Delta Sigma 1924 Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire Inactive (New Hampshire Delta Sigma) [5]

000419 Delta Tau 1925 University of Idaho Moscow, Idaho Inactive (Idaho Delta Tau) [5]

000420 Delta Upsilon 1926 University of South Dakota Vermillion, South Dakota Inactive (South Dakota Delta Upsilon) [5]

000421 Delta Phi 1926 Occidental College Los Angeles Inactive (California Delta Phi) [5]

000422 Delta Chi 1926 University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles Inactive (California Delta Chi) [5]

000423 Delta Psi 1927 University of Mississippi Oxford, Mississippi Active (Mississippi Delta Psi) [5]

000424 Delta Omega 1929 Bowdoin College Brunswick, Maine Inactive (Maine Delta Omega) [5]

000501 Epsilon Alpha 1929 Colorado School of Mines Golden, Colorado Active (Colorado Epsilon Alpha) [5]

000502 Epsilon Beta 1930 University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona Inactive (Arizona Epsilon Beta) [5]

000503 Epsilon Gamma 1930 University of Maryland, College Park College Park, Maryland Active (Maryland Epsilon Gamma) [5]

000504 Epsilon Delta 1931 North Dakota State University Fargo, North Dakota Active (North Dakota Epsilon Delta) [5]

000505 Epsilon Epsilon 1937 Mississippi State University Starkville, Mississippi Active (Mississippi Epsilon Epsilon) [5]

000506 Epsilon Zeta 1940 Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana Inactive (Louisiana Epsilon Zeta) [5]

000507 Epsilon Eta 1940 Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan Active (Michigan Epsilon Eta) [5]

000508 Epsilon Theta 1941 Baldwin–Wallace College Berea, Ohio Inactive (Ohio Epsilon Theta) [5]

000509 Epsilon Iota 1943 American University Washington, D.C. Inactive (District of Columbia Epsilon Iota)
Local Epsilon Iota formed from former chapter[8]

000510 Epsilon Kappa 1943 Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, Ohio Active (Ohio Epsilon Kappa) [5]

000511 Epsilon Lambda 1944 University of Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma Inactive (Oklahoma Epsilon Lambda) [5]

000512 Epsilon Mu 1947 Middlebury College Middlebury, Vermont Inactive (Vermont Epsilon Mu) [5]

000513 Epsilon Nu 1947 Monmouth College Monmouth, Illinois Active (Illinois Epsilon Nu) [5]

000514 Epsilon Xi 1947 Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois Inactive (Illinois Epsilon Xi) [5]

000515 Epsilon Omicron 1947 Oklahoma State University–Stillwater Stillwater, Oklahoma Active (Oklahoma Epsilon Omicron) [5]

000516 Epsilon Pi 1947 University of British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia Inactive (British Columbia Epsilon Pi) [5]

000517 Epsilon Rho 1949 University of Delaware Newark, Delaware Active (Delaware Epsilon Rho) [5]

000518 Epsilon Sigma 1949 Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida Active (Florida Epsilon Sigma) [5][9]

000519 Epsilon Tau 1949 University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah Active (Utah Epsilon Tau) [5]

000520 Epsilon Upsilon 1949 University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg, Mississippi Active (Mississippi Epsilon Upsilon) [5]

000521 Epsilon Phi 1950 Syracuse University Syracuse, New York Active (New York Epsilon Phi) [5]

000522 Epsilon Chi 1950 San Jose State University San Jose, California Active (California Epsilon Chi) [5]

000523 Epsilon Psi 1950 San Diego State University San Diego Inactive (California Epsilon Psi) [5]

000524 Epsilon Omega 1951 Davidson College Davidson, North Carolina Inactive (North Carolina Epsilon Omega) [5]

000601 Zeta Alpha 1950 Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona Inactive (Arizona Zeta Alpha) [5]

000602 Zeta Beta 1951 University of Southern California Los Angeles Active (California Zeta Beta) [5]

000603 Zeta Gamma 1951 University of Denver Denver, Colorado Inactive (Colorado Zeta Gamma) [5]

000604 Zeta Delta 1952 Linfield College McMinnville, Oregon Inactive (Oregon Zeta Delta) [5]

000605 Zeta Epsilon 1952 University of Miami Coral Gables, Florida Inactive (Florida Zeta Epsilon) [5]

000606 Zeta Zeta 1953 Kent State University Kent, Ohio Active (Ohio Zeta Zeta) [5]

000607 Zeta Eta 1953 Texas Tech University Lubbock, Texas Active (Texas Zeta Eta) [5]

000608 Zeta Theta 1957 Lamar University Beaumont, Texas Active (Texas Zeta Theta) [5]

000609 Zeta Iota 1958 Denison University Granville, Ohio Inactive (Ohio Zeta Iota) [5]

000610 Zeta Kappa 1959 West Texas A&M University Canyon, Texas Active (Texas Zeta Kappa) [5]

000611 Zeta Lambda 1959 Murray State University Murray, Kentucky Active (Kentucky Zeta Lambda) [5]

000612 Zeta Mu 1960 Sam Houston State University Huntsville, Texas Active (Texas Zeta Mu) [5]

000613 Zeta Nu 1962 University of Central Oklahoma Edmond, Oklahoma Active (Oklahoma Zeta Nu) [5]

000614 Zeta Xi 1963 Kettering University Flint, Michigan Inactive (Michigan Zeta Xi) [5]

000615 Zeta Omicron 1963 Indiana State University Terre Haute, Indiana Active (Indiana Zeta Omicron) [5]

000616 Zeta Pi 1964 University of Tennessee at Martin Martin, Tennessee Active (Tennessee Zeta Pi) [5]

000617 Zeta Rho 1965 University of Memphis Memphis, Tennessee Active (Tennessee Zeta Rho) [5]

000618 Zeta Sigma 1965 Hamline University Saint Paul, Minnesota Inactive (Minnesota Zeta Sigma) [5]

000619 Zeta Tau 1965 Old Dominion University Norfolk, Virginia Inactive (Virginia Zeta Tau) [5]

000620 Zeta Upsilon 1966 University of Nebraska at Kearney Kearney, Nebraska Active (Nebraska Zeta Upsilon) [5]

000621 Zeta Phi 1966 Texas A&M University–Kingsville Kingsville, Texas Inactive (Texas Zeta Phi) [5]

000622 Zeta Chi 1966 Louisiana Tech University Ruston, Louisiana Inactive (Louisiana Zeta Chi) [5]

000623 Zeta Psi 1967 Newberry College Newberry, South Carolina Inactive (South Carolina Zeta Psi) [5]

000624 Zeta Omega 1967 Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, Kentucky Re-colonized in 2010 (Kentucky Zeta Omega) [5]

000701 Eta Alpha 1967 University of South Florida Tampa, Florida Inactive (Florida Eta Alpha) [5]

000702 Eta Beta 1968 Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia Inactive (Georgia Eta Beta) [5]

000703 Eta Gamma 1968 Arkansas State University Jonesboro, Arkansas Active (Arkansas Eta Gamma) [5]

000704 Eta Delta 1968 Minnesota State University, Mankato Mankato, Minnesota Inactive (Minnesota Eta Delta) [5]

000705 Eta Epsilon 1968 University of Nevada, Las Vegas Paradise, Nevada Active (Nevada Eta Epsilon) [5]

000706 Eta Zeta 1968 Georgia Southern University Statesboro, Georgia Active (Georgia Eta Zeta) [5]

000707 Eta Eta 1968 Athens State University Athens, Alabama Inactive (Georgia Eta Eta) [5]

000708 Eta Theta 1969 Jacksonville State University Jacksonville, Alabama Inactive (Alabama Eta Theta) [5]

000709 Eta Iota 1969 Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches, Texas Active (Texas Eta Iota) [5]

000710 Eta Kappa 1969 University of New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico Active (New Mexico Eta Kappa) [5]

000711 Eta Lambda 1969 Tennessee Technological University Cookeville, Tennessee Inactive (Tennessee Eta Lambda) [5]

000712 Eta Mu 1969 Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, Florida Active (Florida Eta Mu) [5]

000713 Eta Nu 1970 Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro, Tennessee Active (Tennessee Eta Nu) [5]

000714 Eta Xi 1971 Salem International University Salem, West Virginia Inactive (West Virginia Eta Xi) [5]

000715 Eta Omicron 1971 Culver–Stockton College Canton, Missouri Active (California Eta Omicron) [5]

000716 Eta Pi 1971 Clemson University Clemson, South Carolina Active (South Carolina Eta Pi) [5]

000717 Eta Rho 1971 University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida Active (Florida Eta Rho) [5]

000718 Eta Sigma 1971 Bemidji State University Bemidji, Minnesota Inactive (Minnesota Eta Sigma) [5]

000719 Eta Tau 1971 Austin Peay State University Clarksville, Tennessee Active (Tennessee Eta Tau)
Refounded in 2009

000720 Eta Upsilon 1971 Western Illinois University Macomb, Illinois Inactive (Illinois Eta Upsilon) [5]

000721 Eta Phi 1971 University of West Georgia Carrollton, Georgia Active (Georgia Eta Phi) [5]

000722 Eta Chi 1972 Southeastern Louisiana University Hammond, Louisiana Inactive (Louisiana Eta Chi) [5]

000723 Eta Psi 1972 University of West Florida Pensacola, Florida Active (Florida Eta Psi) [5]

000724 Eta Omega 1972 University of Montevallo Montevallo, Alabama Active (Alabama Eta Omega) [5]

000801 Theta Alpha 1972 Ball State University Muncie, Indiana Active (Indiana Theta Alpha)
Rechartered January 15, 2011

000802 Theta Beta 1972 Tyler Junior College Tyler, Texas Inactive (Texas Theta Beta) [5]

000803 Theta Gamma 1973 Duquesne University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Active (Pennsylvania Theta Gamma) [5]

000804 Theta Delta 1973 Virginia Tech Blackburg, Virginia Re-colonized in October 2013 (Virginia Theta Delta) [5]

000805 Theta Epsilon 1973 Houston Baptist University Houston, Texas Active (Texas Theta Epsilon) [5]

000806 Theta Zeta 1973 Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois Active (Illinois Theta Zeta) [5]

000807 Theta Eta 1974 University of North Alabama Florence, Alabama Active (Alabama Theta Eta) [5]

000808 Theta Theta 1975 Illinois State University Normal, Illinois Active (Illinois Theta Theta) [5]

000809 Theta Iota 1975 Millikin University Decatur, Illinois Active (Illinois Theta Iota) [5]

000810 Theta Kappa 1976 New Mexico State University Las Cruces, New Mexico Active (New Mexico Theta Kappa) [5]

000811 Theta Lambda 1977 Miami University Oxford, Ohio Active (Ohio Theta Lambda) [5]

000812 Theta Mu 1977 Elmhurst College Elmhurst, Illinois Active (Illinois Theta Mu) [5]

000813 Theta Nu 1977 Baylor University Waco, Texas Active (Texas Theta Nu) [5]

000814 Theta Xi 1978 Francis Marion University Florence, South Carolina Inactive (South Carolina Theta Xi) [5]

000815 Theta Omicron 1978 Marshall University Huntington, West Virginia Active (West Virginia Theta Omicron) [5]

000816 Theta Pi 1979 University of Alabama Huntsville Huntsville, Alabama Active (Alabma Theta Pi) [5]

000817 Theta Rho 1979 Truman State University Kirksville, Missouri Inactive (Missouri Theta Rho) [5]

000818 Theta Sigma 1979 Texas A&M University College Station, Texas Active (Texas Theta Sigma) [5]

000819 Theta Tau 1980 Wichita State University Wichita, Kansas Inactive (Kansas Theta Tau) [5]

000820 Theta Upsilon 1980 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Chattanooga, Tennessee Inactive (Tennessee Theta Upsilon) [5]

000821 Theta Phi 1980 University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham, Alabama Active (Alabama Theta Phi) [5]

000822 Theta Chi 1982 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, Pennsylvania Inactive (Pennsylvania Theta Chi) [5]

000823 Theta Psi 1983 Stetson University DeLand, Florida Active (Florida Theta Psi) [5]

000824 Theta Omega 1983 Northern Kentucky University Highland Heights, Kentucky Active (Kentucky Theta Omega) [5]

000901 Iota Alpha 1986 Texas State University San Marcos, Texas Active (Texas Iota Alpha) [5]

000902 Iota Beta 1986 Lander University Greenwood, South Carolina Active (South Carolina Iota Beta) [5]

000903 Iota Gamma University of Maryland, Baltimore County Catonsville, Maryland Inactive (Maryland Iota Gamma) [5]

000904 Iota Delta 1988 Widener University Chester, Pennsylvania Active (Pennsylvania Iota Delta) [5]

000905 Iota Epsilon 1988 University of Texas at San Antonio San Antonio, Texas Active (Texas Iota Epsilon) [5]

000906 Iota Zeta 1989 Rollins College Winter Park, Florida Active (Florida Iota Zeta) [5]

000907 Iota Eta 1989 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Pomona, California Inactive (California Iota Eta) [5]

000908 Iota Theta 1990 University of California, Riverside Riverside, California Inactive (California Iota Theta) [5]

000909 Iota Iota 1990 Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, Arizona Active (Arizona Iota Iota) [5]

000910 Iota Kappa 1990 Goldey–Beacom College Wilmington, Delaware Inactive (Delaware Iota Kappa) [5]

000911 Iota Lambda 1990 Otterbein University Westerville, Ohio Inactive (Ohio Iota Lambda) [5]

000912 Iota Mu 1990 SUNY-Albany Albany, New York Inactive (New York Iota Mu) [5]

000913 Iota Nu 1991 University of California, Santa Barbara Isla Vista, California Active (California Iota Nu) [5]

000914 Iota Xi 1991 SUNY-Buffalo Buffalo, New York Inactive (New York Iota Xi) [5]

000915 Iota Omicron 1991 Villanova University Villanova, Pennsylvania Inactive (Pennsylvania Iota Omicron) [5]

000916 Iota Pi 1991 Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina Active (North Carolina Iota Pi) [5]

000917 Iota Rho Johnson & Wales University Providence, Rhode Island Inactive (Rhode Island Iota Rho) [5]

000918 Iota Sigma 1992 University of Central Missouri Warrensburg, Missouri Active (Missouri Iota Sigma) [5]

000919 Iota Tau 1994 University of Rhode Island North Kingstown, Rhode Island Active (Rhode Island Iota Tau) [5]

000920 Iota Upsilon 1995 Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, Michigan Active (Michigan Iota Upsilon) [5]

000921 Iota Phi 1999 Belmont University Nashville, Tennessee Active (Tennessee Iota Phi) [5]

000922 Iota Chi 2001 Auburn Montgomery Montgomery, Alabama Active (Alabama Iota Chi) [5]

000923 Iota Psi 2001 Temple University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Active (Pennsylvania Iota Psi) [5]

000924 Iota Omega 2003 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania Active (Pennsylvania Iota Omega) [5]

001001 Kappa Alpha 2004 University of Texas Arlington Arlington, Texas Active (Texas Kappa Alpha) [5]

001002 Kappa Beta 2005 Troy University Troy, Alabama Active (Alabama Kappa Beta)

001003 Kappa Gamma 2006 University of North Texas Denton, Texas Active (Texas Kappa Gamma)

001004 Kappa Delta 2007 North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina Active (North Carolina Kappa Delta)

001005 Kappa Epsilon Pepperdine University Malibu, California Active (California Kappa Epsilon) [12]

001006 Kappa Zeta 2007 James Madison University Harrisonburg, Virginia Active (Virginia Kappa Zeta)

001007 Kappa Eta 2007 Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne, Florida Active

001008 Kappa Theta January 12, 2008 Eastern Illinois University Charleston, Illinois Active

001009 Kappa Iota December 13, 2008 University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) Wilmington, North Carolina Active (North Carolina Kappa Iota) [13]

001010 Kappa Kappa January 31, 2009 College of William and Mary Williamsburg, Virginia Active (Virginia Kappa Kappa) [14]

001011 Kappa Lambda September 26, 2009 Grand Valley State University Allendale, Michigan Active (Michigan Kappa Lambda) [15]

001012 Kappa Mu December 11, 2010 University of North Florida Jacksonville, Florida Active (Florida Kappa Mu) [16]

001209 Mu Iota 1909 University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky Active The out of sequence name Mu Iota
came from the Mu Iota local fraternity
which was absorbed by Alpha Tau Omega.

001013 Kappa Nu November 12, 2011 Arkansas Tech University Russellville, Arkansas Active Arkansas Kappa Nu [18]

001014 Kappa Xi 2012 East Carolina University Greenville, North Carolina Active Colonized in 2011, Chartered in October 2012

999999Colony 2011 University of Louisville Louisville, Kentucky Active Colonized in 2011; Designated as Kappa Omicron on Dec 20th, 2013

999998Colony 2014 University of South Alabama Mobile, Alabama Active


Community chapters[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
000006 Zeta 1866 Weston, West Virginia Inactive Inactive in 1867 [4]

000007 Eta 1866 Harrisonburg, Virginia Inactive Inactive in 1869 [4]

000008 Theta 1866 Knoxville, Tennessee Inactive Inactive in 1867 [4]

000010 Kappa 1867 Memphis, Tennessee Inactive Inactive in 1872 [4]

000003 Gamma 1867 Columbia, Virginia Inactive Inactive in 1868 [4]

000018 Sigma 1874 Rome, Georgia Inactive Inactive in 1875 [4]

000021 Phi 1874 Alexandria, Virginia Inactive Inactive in 1876 [4]

000022 Chi 1875 Chicago, Illinois Inactive Inactive in 1876 [4]


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