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Newspapers, Tehran, 2011

The first Iranian newspapers appeared in the mid-19th century during the reign of Nasir al Din Shah.[1] More specifically, the first newspaper in Iran, Kaghaz-e Akhbar (fa) (The Newspaper), was launched for the government by Mirza Saleh Shirazi in 1837.[2] By 1907 (the era of the Persian Constitutional Revolution), there were 90 newspapers circulating in Iran.[3]

In 1952 under Mohammad Musaddiq's government there were 300 newspapers, including twenty-five dailies.[4] During the 1979 revolution the number of newspapers was 100, of which twenty-three were dailies.[4]

As of 2000 there were 23 Persian dailies, three English dailies and one Arabic daily in the country.[5] In the period between 2000 and 2004 a total of 85 newspapers were closed down in Iran.[6]

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Iranian newspapers[edit]

Below is a list of newspapers published in Iran.

Title Year est. Language Notes
Abrar Persian
Abrar-e Varzeshi Persian Sports
Afarinesh Persian
Aftab Yazd 2000 Persian
Aftab-e Emruz[7]
Aftab-e Shargh Persian
Andisheh-ye-No Persian currently banned[8]
Asr-e Azadegan 1999 Persian
Asr-e Maa 1991 Persian
Bahar 2000
Donyaye eqtesad[9] 2002 Persian
Eftekhar[10] Persian
Entekhab 1991 Persian
Esfahan-e Emrooz[11] Persian
Etemad[12] 2002 Persian
Etemaad-e Melli (fa) Persian "Official newspaper of the National Trust Party"[13]
Ettelaat 1926 English, Persian "Centrist...Iran's oldest daily, moderate, a newspaper of record"[14]
Fararu (fa)[15] English, Persian
Fath Persian
Financial Tribune 2014 English
Gilan Emrouz[16] Persian
Goal (varzeshi)
Ham-Mihan 2000
Hambastegi[17] 2000 Persian
Hamshahri 1992 Persian "Centrist press...Owned by Tehran Municipality, it is one of the best-selling dailies with a circulation of about 350,000"[14]
Hamvatan salam[18] Persian
Hayat-e-No Persian currently banned[19]
Iran[20] 1995 Persian "Government newspaper published by the Islamic Republic News Agency. The daily has a circulation of 100,000 and is popular among state officials"[13]
Iran Daily (fa)[21] English "Hardliner press...Pro-government"[14]
Iran Weekly Press Digest
Iran-e Javan Persian
Iran-e Varzeshi Persian
Jame-Jam 2002 Persian "Owned by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting...hardliner"[13]
Jamee-e Madani
Jame'eh Persian currently banned
Javan[22] Persian "Hardliner...Right-wing daily affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards"[14]
Jomhouri Eslami[23] 1979 Persian "Hardliner...Closely linked to the Supreme Leader. The paper takes the line of adherence to Khomeini's ideals and has consistently taken a radical position on foreign policy issues and a conservative position on domestic and religious issues."[14]
Jomhuriat[24] Persian
Kalemeh Sabz Associated with "Green Movement leader, Mir-Hossein Mousavi"[13]
Kayhan[25] 1943 English, Persian "Hardliner...One of the country's oldest daily papers, run after the revolution by the office of the Supreme Leader, who appoints the editor-in-chief, currently Hossein Shariatmadari. Kayhan is state-funded and has a role comparable to "Pravda" under Stalin."[14]
Khane Mellat
Khordad Persian
Khorshid 2008 Persian
navad 90 (varzeshi) Persian
Neshat 1998 Persian "Aligned with Iran’s reform movement...Neshat’s director and editor in chief were Latif Safari and Mashallah Shamsolvaezi"[13]
Payam Ashna Persian the first newspaper of Alborz province
Payam Zaman Persian
Quds[26] Persian
Resalat[27] 1985 Persian "Hardliner...Owned by the Resalat Foundation, which has strong links to the traditional bazaar merchants-conservative but in favor of a market economy. It reflects the views of the conservative Islamic Coalition Party and the Islamic Association of Engineers"[14]
Salam 1991
Sarmayeh[28] Persian "Centrist...Economic paper run by a former head of the Tehran Stock Exchange, and shut down in October 2009"[14]
Shargh 2003 Persian "Pro-reform"[13]
Sobh-e Emrooz Persian
Taban Persian
Tehran Emrooz "Centrist...Daily set up by a member of the Guardian Council, and close to Tehran Mayor Mohammad-Bager Ghalibaf"[14]
Tehran Times 1954 English "Hardliner...Pro-government"[14]
Tous 1998 Persian "Reformist daily...Published through the Jamee-Rooz publishing company...directed by Mohammad Sadeq Javadi-Hessar with Mashallah Shamsolvaezin as editor in chief."[13] Currently banned
Vaghaye Etefaghyeh Persian
Yas-e-no Persian
Zan 1998

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