List of United States politicians with doctorates

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This is a list of notable United States politicians who have a research doctorate.

Federal government[edit]

Executive branch[edit]

Former presidents[edit]

Name Party Term Field Institution Year
Woodrow Wilson Democrat 1913–1921 Political Science Johns Hopkins University 1886

Current and former cabinet members and senior administration officials[edit]

Name Party Department Term Administration Field Institution Year
Henry Kissinger Republican NSC/State 1969–1975, 1973–1977 Nixon/Ford Political Science Harvard University 1954
George Shultz Republican Labor/OMB/Treasury/State 1969–1970, 1970–1972, 1972–1974, 1982–1989 Nixon/Reagan Economics Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1949
James R. Schlesinger Republican CIA/Defense/Energy 1973, 1973–1975, 1977–1979 Nixon/Ford/Carter Economics Harvard University 1956
John Hamre Republican United States Deputy Secretary of Defense, Comptroller of the Department of Defense 1997–2000, 1994–1997 Clinton International Studies Johns Hopkins University 1978
W. Michael Blumenthal Democrat Treasury 1977–1979 Carter Economics Princeton University 1956
Zbigniew Brzezinski Democratic NSC 1977–1981 Carter Political Science Harvard University 1953
Harold Brown Independent Defense 1977–1981 Carter Physics Columbia University 1949
Lauro Cavazos Republican United States Secretary of Education 1988–1990 Bush Sr. Physiology Iowa State University 1954
Robert Gates Republican Central Intelligence Agency/Defense 1991–1993, 2006–2011 Bush Sr./Bush/Obama Russian and Soviet History Georgetown University 1974
Les Aspin Democrat Defense 1993–1994 Clinton Economics MIT 1966
William Perry Independent Defense 1994–1997 Clinton Mathematics Pennsylvania State University 1957
Max Kampelman Democrat Counselor of the United States Department of State 1987–1989 Reagan Political science University of Minnesota 1952
John M. Deutch Democrat CIA 1995–1996 Clinton Chemistry Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1966
Madeleine Albright Democrat State 1997–2001 Clinton Political Science Columbia University 1975
Alan Greenspan Republican Chair of the Federal Reserve 1987–2006 Reagan, G. H. W. Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush Economics New York University 1977
Ben Bernanke Republican Chair of the Federal Reserve 2006–2014 George W. Bush, Obama Economics Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1979
William J. Crowe Republican Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Ambassador to the United Kingdom 1985–1989; 1994–1997 Reagan George H. W. Bush; Clinton Political Science Princeton University ?
Condoleezza Rice Republican State 2005–2009 Bush Political Science University of Denver 1981
David Petraeus Independent CIA 2011–2012 Obama International Relations Princeton University 1987
Sam Bodman Republican Energy 2005–2009 Bush Chemical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1965
Steven Chu Democrat Energy 2009–2013 Obama Physics University of California, Berkeley 1976
Ernest Moniz Democrat Energy 2013–2017 Obama Theoretical Physics Stanford University 1972
Ash Carter Democrat Defense 2015–2017 Obama Theoretical Physics St. John's College, Oxford 1979
John King Democrat Education 2016–2017 Obama Education Columbia University 2008
H. R. McMaster Independent NSC 2017–2018 Trump History University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 1997

Supreme Court justices[edit]

Name Term Field Institution Year
Neil Gorsuch 2017– Legal Philosophy University College, Oxford 2004

Legislative branch[edit]

Current senators[edit]

Name Party State Term Field Institution Year
Tammy Duckworth Democrat Illinois 2017– Human Services Capella University 2014
Ben Sasse Republican Nebraska 2015– History Yale University 2004
Kyrsten Sinema Democrat Arizona 2019– Justice Studies Arizona State University 2012
Raphael Warnock Democrat Georgia 2021– Theology Union Theological Seminary 2006

Former senators[edit]

Name Party State Term Field Institution Year
Henry Cabot Lodge Republican Massachusetts 1893–1924 History Harvard University 1876
Paul Douglas Democratic Illinois 1949–1967 Economics Columbia University 1921
George McGovern Democratic South Dakota 1963–1981 History Northwestern University 1973
Tim Wirth Democratic Colorado 1987–1993 Marketing Stanford University 1973
Gary Hart Democratic Colorado 1975–1987 Politics St. Antony's College, Oxford 2001
Daniel Patrick Moynihan Democratic New York 1977–2001 History Tufts University 1961
S. I. Hayakawa Republican California 1977–1983 English University of Wisconsin–Madison 1935
John Porter East Republican North Carolina 1981–1986 Political science University of Florida 1964
Harrison Schmitt Republican New Mexico 1977–1983 Geology Harvard University 1964
Phil Gramm Republican Texas 1985–2002 Economics University of Georgia 1967
Paul Wellstone Democratic Minnesota 1991–2002 Political Science University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1969

Current representatives[edit]

Name Party State Term Field Institution Year
Alma Adams Democrat NC-12 2014– Art Education and Multicultural Education Ohio State University 1981
Jim Baird[1] Republican IN-4 2019– Animal Science University of Kentucky 1975[2]
Jerry McNerney[3] Democrat CA-11 2006– Mathematics University of New Mexico 1981
Bill Foster Democrat IL-14 2008, 2012– Physics Harvard University 1984
Judy Chu Democrat CA-27 2009– Psychology California School of Professional Psychology ?
Jody Hice Republican GA-10 2015– Ministry Luther Rice College and Seminary ?
Tom Cole Republican OK-4 2003– British History University of Oklahoma 1984
David Price[4] Democrat NC-4 1986, 1996– Political Science[5] Yale University 1969
Andy Kim Democrat NJ-03 2019– International Relations Oxford University 2010
Dina Titus Democrat NV-1 2009– Political Science Florida State University ?
Rob Wittman Republican VA-1 2007– Public Health Virginia Commonwealth University 2002
Alan Lowenthal[6] Democrat CA-47 2013– Psychology Ohio State University 1967
Mike Gallagher Republican WI-8 2017– International Relations Georgetown University 2015
Jamaal Bowman Democrat NY-16 2021– Educational leadership Manhattanville College 2019
Julia Letlow Republican LA-05 2021– Communications University of South Florida 2012
Henry Cuellar Democrat TX-28 2005– Government University of Texas at Austin 1981

Former representatives[edit]

Name Party District Term Field Institution Year
Phil Gramm Republican Texas 1979–1983 Economics University of Georgia 1967
Dick Armey Republican Texas 1985–2003 Economics University of Oklahoma ?
Phil Crane Republican IL-31 IL-12 IL-8 1969–2005 History Indiana University 1961
Tim Wirth Democratic Colorado 1975–1987 Marketing Stanford University 1973
Kyrsten Sinema Democrat AZ-9 2012–2019 Justice Studies Arizona State University 2012
Rush D. Holt Jr. Democrat NJ-12 1999–2014 Physics NYU 1981
Howard Wolpe Democrat MI-03 1979–1993 Political science MIT 1967
Les Aspin Democrat WI-01 1971–1993 Economics MIT 1966
James G. Martin Republican NC-09 1973–1985 Chemistry Princeton University 1960
Donald L. Ritter Republican PA-15 1979–1993 Physical Metallurgy Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1966
Heather Wilson Republican NM-1 1998–2009 International Relations Jesus College, Oxford 1985
Vern Ehlers Republican MI-03 1993–2011 Nuclear Physics UC Berkeley 1960
Bud Shuster Republican PA-09 1973–2001 Business and economics American University 1967
Roscoe Bartlett Republican MD-06 1993–2013 Physiology University of Maryland, College Park 1952
John Olver Democrat MA-1 1991–2013 Chemistry Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1961
Clarence Long Democrat MD-2 1963–1985 Economics Princeton University 1938
Mervyn Dymally Democrat CA-31 1981–1993 Human behavior United States International University 1978
Philip R. Sharp Democrat IN-10 IN-02 1975–1995 Government Georgetown University 1974
Bob Filner Democrat CA-50 CA-51 1993–2012 History of science Cornell ?
Tom Lantos Democrat CA-11 CA-12 1981–2008 Economics University of California, Berkeley 1953
Newt Gingrich Republican GA-06 1979–1999 History Tulane University 1971
G. William Whitehurst Republican VA-02 1969–1987 History West Virginia University 1952
Floyd Fithian Democrat IN-02 1975–1983 American History University of Nebraska 1964
John Brademas Democrat IN-03 1959–1981 Social Studies Brasenose College, Oxford ?
Weston E. Vivian Democrat MI-02 1965–1967 Electrical Engineering University of Michigan 1959
Chris Gibson Republican NY-19 2011–2017 Government Cornell University 1998
Timothy F. Murphy Republican PA-18 2003–2017 Clinical Psychology University of Pittsburgh ?
Dave Brat Republican VA-7 2014–2019 Economics American University 1995
Dan Lipinski[7] Democrat IL-03 2005–2021 Political Science Duke University[8] 1998
Dave Loebsack[9] Democrat IA-2 2007–2021 ? University of California, Davis 1985

State governments[edit]

State executives[edit]

Current governors[edit]

Name Party State Term Field Institution Year
Tom Wolf Democrat Pennsylvania 2015– Political Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1981
Tony Evers Democrat Wisconsin 2019– Educational administration University of Wisconsin–Madison 1986

Former governors[edit]

Name Party State Term Field Institution Year
Dixy Lee Ray Democrat Washington 1977–1981 Biology Stanford University 1945
Kenny Guinn Republican Nevada 1999–2007 Education Utah State University 1970
James G. Martin Republican North Carolina 1985–1993 Chemistry Princeton University 1960
Lee S. Dreyfus Republican Wisconsin 1979–1983 Communication University of Wisconsin–Madison 1957
Neil Abercrombie Democrat Hawaii 2010–2014 American Studies University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa 1960s
Ted Strickland Democrat Ohio 2007–2011 Psychology University of Kentucky 1980
Eric Greitens Republican Missouri 2017–2018 Developmental Studies Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford 2000
Ricardo Rosselló New Progressive Puerto Rico 2017–2019 Biomedical Engineering University of Michigan 2007
Gina Raimondo Democrat Rhode Island 2015–2021 Sociology New College, Oxford 2002

Former lieutenant governors[edit]

Name Party State Term Field Institution Year
Sue Ellspermann Republican Indiana 2013–2016 Industrial Engineering University of Louisville 1997


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