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This is a list of notable United States politicians who have a research doctorate.

Federal government[edit]

Executive branch[edit]

Former presidents[edit]

Name Party Term Field Institution Year
Woodrow Wilson Democrat 1913-1921 Political Science Johns Hopkins University 1886

Current and former cabinet members and senior administration officials[edit]

Name Party Department Term Administration Field Institution Year
Henry Kissinger Republican NSC/State 1969-1975, 1973-1977 Nixon/Ford Political Science Harvard University 1954
George Shultz Republican Labor/OMB/Treasury/State 1969-1970, 1970-1972, 1972-1974, 1982-1989 Nixon/Reagan Economics Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1949
James R. Schlesinger Republican CIA/Defense/Energy 1973, 1973-1975, 1977-1979 Nixon/Ford/Carter Economics Harvard University 1956
John Hamre Republican United States Deputy Secretary of Defense, Comptroller of the Department of Defense 1997-2000, 1994-1997 Clinton International Studies Johns Hopkins University 1978
W. Michael Blumenthal Democrat Treasury 1977-1979 Carter Economics Princeton University 1956
Zbigniew Brzezinski Democratic NSC 1977-1981 Carter Political Science Harvard University 1953
Harold Brown Independent Defense 1977-1981 Carter Physics Columbia University 1949
Lauro Cavazos Republican United States Secretary of Education 1988-1990 Bush Sr. Physiology Iowa State University 1954
Robert Gates Republican Central Intelligence Agency/Defense 1991-1993, 2006-2011 Bush Sr./Bush/Obama Russian and Soviet History Georgetown University 1974
Les Aspin Democrat Defense 1993-1994 Clinton Economics MIT 1966
William Perry Independent Defense 1994-1997 Clinton Mathematics Pennsylvania State University 1957
Max Kampelman Democrat Counselor of the United States Department of State 1987-1989 Reagan Political science University of Minnesota 1952
John M. Deutch Democrat CIA 1995-1996 Clinton Chemistry Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1966
Madeleine Albright Democrat State 1997-2001 Clinton Political Science Columbia University 1975
Alan Greenspan Republican Chair of the Federal Reserve 1987-2006 Reagan, G. H. W. Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush Economics New York University 1977
Ben Bernanke Republican Chair of the Federal Reserve 2006-2014 George W. Bush, Obama Economics Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1979
William J. Crowe Republican Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Ambassador to the United Kingdom 1985-1989; 1994-1997 Reagan George H. W. Bush; Clinton Political Science Princeton University ?
Condoleezza Rice Republican State 2005-2009 Bush Political Science University of Denver 1981
David Petraeus Independent CIA 2011-2012 Obama International Relations Princeton University 1987
Sam Bodman Democrat Energy 2005-2009 Bush Chemical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1965
Steven Chu Democrat Energy 2009-2013 Obama Physics University of California, Berkeley 1976
Ernest Moniz Democrat Energy 2013-2017 Obama Theoretical Physics Stanford University 1972
Ash Carter Democrat Defense 2015-2017 Obama Theoretical Physics St. John's College, Oxford 1979
John King Democrat Education 2016-2017 Obama Education Columbia University 2008
H. R. McMaster Independent NSC 2017-2018 Trump History University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 1997

Supreme Court justices[edit]

Name Term Field Institution Year
Neil Gorsuch 2017- Legal Philosophy University College, Oxford 2004

Legislative branch[edit]

Current senators and senators-elect[edit]

Name Party State Term Field Institution Year
Tammy Duckworth Democrat Illinois 2017- Human Services Capella University 2014
Ben Sasse Republican Nebraska 2015- History Yale University 2004
Kyrsten Sinema Democrat Arizona 2019- Justice Studies Arizona State University 2012

Former senators[edit]

Name Party State Term Field Institution Year
Henry Cabot Lodge Republican Massachusetts 1893-1924 History Harvard University 1876
Paul Douglas Democratic Illinois 1949-1967 Economics Columbia University 1921
George McGovern Democratic South Dakota 1963-1981 History Northwestern University 1973
Tim Wirth Democratic Colorado 1987–1993 ? Stanford University 1973
Gary Hart Democratic Colorado 1975-1987 Politics St. Antony's College, Oxford 2001
Daniel Patrick Moynihan Democratic New York 1977-2001 International Relations Syracuse University[1] 1961
S. I. Hayakawa Republican California 1977-1983 English University of Wisconsin–Madison 1935
John Porter East Republican North Carolina 1981–1986 Political science University of Florida 1964
Harrison Schmitt Republican New Mexico 1977-1983 Geology Harvard University 1964
Phil Gramm Republican Texas 1985-2002 Economics University of Georgia 1967
Paul Wellstone Democratic Minnesota 1991-2002 Political Science University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1969

Current representatives[edit]

Name Party District Term Field Institution Year
Alma Adams Democrat NC-12 2014- Art Education and Multicultural Education Ohio State University 1981
Jim Baird[2] Republican IN-4 2019- Animal Science University of Kentucky 1975[3]
Jerry McNerney[4] Democrat CA-11 2006- Mathematics University of New Mexico 1981
Bill Foster Democrat IL-14 2008, 2012- Physics Harvard University 1984
Judy Chu Democrat CA-27 2009- Psychology California School of Professional Psychology ?
Dave Loebsack[5] Democrat IA-2 2007- Political Science University of California, Davis 1985
Tom Cole Republican OK-4 2003- British History University of Oklahoma 1984
David Price[6] Democrat NC-4 1986, 1996- Political Science[7] Yale University 1969
Dan Lipinski[8] Democrat IL-03 2004- Political Science Duke University[9] 1998
Dina Titus Democrat NV-1 2009- Political Science Florida State University ?
Rob Wittman Republican VA-1 2007- Public Health Virginia Commonwealth University 2002

Former representatives[edit]

Name Party District Term Field Institution Year
Phil Gramm Republican Texas 1979-1983 Economics University of Georgia 1967
Dick Armey Republican Texas 1985-2003 Economics University of Oklahoma ?
Phil Crane Republican IL-31 IL-12 IL-8 1969–2005 History Indiana University 1961
Newt Gingrich Republican Georgia 1979-1999 European history Tulane University 1971
Tim Wirth Democratic Colorado 1975-1987 ? Stanford University 1973
Kyrsten Sinema Democrat AZ-9 2012-2019 Justice Studies Arizona State University 2012
Rush D. Holt Jr. Democrat NJ-12 1999-2014 Physics NYU 1981
Howard Wolpe Democrat MI-03 1979–1993 Political science MIT 1967
Les Aspin Democrat WI-01 1971-1993 Economics MIT 1966
James G. Martin Republican NC-09 1973–1985 Chemistry Princeton University 1960
Donald L. Ritter Republican PA-15 1979–1993 Physical Metallurgy Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1966
Heather Wilson Republican NM-1 1998-2009 International Relations Jesus College, Oxford 1985
Vern Ehlers Republican MI-03 1993-2011 Nuclear Physics UC Berkeley 1960
Bud Shuster Republican PA-09 1973-2001 Business and economics American University 1967
Roscoe Bartlett Republican MD-06 1993-2013 Physiology University of Maryland, College Park 1952
John Olver Democrat MA-1 1991-2013 Chemistry Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1961
Clarence Long Democrat MD-2 1963–1985 Economics Princeton University 1938
Mervyn Dymally Democrat CA-31 1981-1993 Human behavior United States International University 1978
Philip R. Sharp Democrat IN-10 IN-02 1975-1995 ? Georgetown University 1974
Bob Filner Democrat CA-50 CA-51 1993-2012 History of science Cornell ?
Tom Lantos Democrat CA-11 CA-12 1981-2008 Economics University of California, Berkeley 1953
Newt Gingrich Republican GA-06 1979-1999 History Tulane University 1971
G. William Whitehurst Republican VA-02 1969-1987 History West Virginia University 1952
Floyd Fithian Democrat IN-02 1975–1983 American History University of Nebraska 1964
John Brademas Democrat IN-03 1959-1981 Social Studies Brasenose College, Oxford ?
Weston E. Vivian Democrat MI-02 1965-1967 Electrical Engineering University of Michigan 1959
Chris Gibson Republican NY-19 2011-2017 Government Cornell University 1998
Timothy F. Murphy Republican PA-18 2003-2017 Clinical Psychology University of Pittsburgh ?
Dave Brat Republican VA-7 2014-2019 Economics American University 1995

State governments[edit]

State executives[edit]

Current governors and governors-elect[edit]

Name Party State Term Field Institution Year
Gina Raimondo Democrat Rhode Island 2015- Sociology New College, Oxford 2002
Tom Wolf Democrat Pennsylvania 2015- Political Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1981
Tony Evers Democrat Wisconsin 2019- Educational administration University of Wisconsin–Madison 1986

Former governors[edit]

Name Party State Term Field Institution Year
Kenny Guinn Republican Nevada 1999-2007 Education Utah State University 1970
James G. Martin Republican North Carolina 1985–1993 Chemistry Princeton University 1960
Lee S. Dreyfus Republican Wisconsin 1979-1983 Communication University of Wisconsin–Madison 1957
Ted Strickland Democrat Ohio 2007-2011 Psychology University of Kentucky 1980
Eric Greitens Republican Missouri 2017-2018 Developmental Studies Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford 2000
Ricardo Rosselló Democrat Puerto Rico 2017-2019 Biomedical Engineering University of Michigan 2007

Former lieutenant governors[edit]

Name Party State Term Field Institution Year
Sue Ellspermann Republican Indiana 2013-2016 Industrial Engineering University of Louisville 1997

State legislators[edit]

Current state senators[edit]

Name Party District Elected Field Institution Year
Chris Rothfuss Democrat WY-09 2010 Chemical Engineering University of Washington 2002
Daniel Biss Democrat IL-09 2012 Mathematics MIT 2002

Former state senators[edit]

Name Party District Term Field Institution Year
Jay Blanchard[10] Democrat AZ-30 2000-2002 Reading Education University of Georgia 1979
Aaron D. Ford Democrat NV-11 2014 - 2016 Education Ohio State

Current state representatives[edit]

Name Party District Elected Field Institution Year
Mike Fortner[11] Republican IL-49 2006 Physics Brandeis University 1989
Litesa Wallace[12] Democrat IL-67 2014 Educational Psychology Northern Illinois University 2009
Tom Bennett[13] Republican IL-106 2014 Business Administration Nova Southeastern University 2009

Former state representatives[edit]

Name Party District Elected Field Institution Year
Jim Spainhower Democrat MO 1963–1970 Political science University of Missouri 1989
Litesa Wallace Democrat IL 2014-2019 ? Northern Illinois University ?


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