List of University of Oxford people in religion

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This is a list of University of Oxford people in religion. Many were students at one (or more) of the colleges of the University, and others held fellowships at a college.

This list forms part of a series of lists of people associated with the University of Oxford – for other lists, please see the main article List of University of Oxford people.






Excluding Cardinals who were Archbishop of Canterbury or York

  • William Allen (Oriel and St Mary Hall) Cardinal 1587
  • Joseph Cordeiro Archbishop of Karachi, Pakistan and Cardinal 1973-1994
  • William Heard (Balliol) Dean of the Sacred Roman Rota 1958, Cardinal 1959
  • Basil Hume (St Benet's Hall) archbishop of Westminster and Cardinal 1976–99
  • Henry Manning (Balliol) archbishop of Westminster 1865-92 and Cardinal 1875-92
  • John Henry Newman (Trinity) Cardinal 1879
  • George Pell (Campion Hall) archbishop of Melbourne 1996-2001, archbishop of Sydney 2001-14, Cardinal 2003-23
  • Philip Repyngdon bishop of Lincoln 1404-19, Cardinal 1408-24
  • Reverend Mathew Nott of Oldbury

Archbishops of Canterbury[edit]

Archbishops of York[edit]

Other archbishops, presiding bishops, and metropolitans[edit]

  • Hugh Boulter (Christ Church and Magdalen) bishop of Bristol 1719-24, archbishop of Armagh 1724-42
  • A. G. Edwards (Jesus) bishop of St Asaph 1889-1934, archbishop of Wales 1920-34
  • Richard FitzRalph (Balliol) archbishop of Armagh 1346-60
  • Francis Oliver Green-Wilkinson (Magdalen) bishop of Lusaka 1951–70, archbishop of Central Africa 1962–70
  • Frank Tracy Griswold (Oriel) presiding bishop, Episcopal Church in the United States of America 1997-2006
  • David Hand (Oriel) consecrated bishop 1950, archbishop of Papua New Guinea 1977-83
  • Trevor Huddleston (Christ Church) archbishop of the Indian Ocean and bishop of Mauritius 1978-83
  • Peter Jensen archbishop of Sydney and metropolitan of New South Wales 2001-
  • Narcissus Marsh (Exeter and St Alban Hall) archbp of Cashel 1691-94, archbishop of Dublin 1694-1703, archbishop of Armagh 1703-13
  • David Moxon (St Peter's) bishop of Waikato 1993-, Archbishop of the New Zealand Dioceses and co-presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and the Pacific 2006-
  • Edward Francis Paget (Christ Church) bishop of Mashonaland 1925-57, archbishop of Central Africa 1955-57
  • Paul Alfred Reeves (St Peter's) bishop of Waiapu 1971-79, bishop of Auckland 1979-85, archbishop and primate of New Zealand 1980-85
  • Glyn Simon (Jesus) bishop of Llandaff 1957–71, archbishop of Wales 1968–71
  • George Stone (Christ Church) archbishop of Armagh 1747-64
  • Timothy Ware (Kallistos) (Magdalen and Pembroke) Orthodox bishop of Diokleia 1982-, Metropolitan 2007-
  • Gwilym Owen Williams (Jesus) bishop of Bangor 1957-82, archbishop of Wales 1971-82
  • Daniel Wilson (St Edmund Hall) bishop of Calcutta and metropolitan of India and Ceylon 1832-58
  • John Charles Wright archbishop of Sydney 1909-33, primate of Australia 1910-33

Other bishops[edit]

Post-Reformation bishops are Anglican unless described otherwise

Name College Years at Oxford Notes Ref
William Aubrey Aitken Trinity bishop of Lynn, 1972–86
Gerald Burton Allen Wadham (scholar and chaplain), Pembroke (fellow), St Edmund Hall (principal), Christ Church (canon) bishop of Sherborne, 1928–36, archdeacon of Oxford and canon of Christ Church 1936-52, assistant bishop of Oxford 1936-39, bishop of Dorchester 1939–52
Lancelot Andrewes Jesus and Pembroke bishop of Chichester 1605–09, bishop of Ely 1609–18, bishop of Winchester 1618–26
John Armstrong Lincoln bishop of Grahamstown 1853–56
Mervyn Armstrong Balliol bishop of Jarrow 1958-65
Francis Atterbury Christ Church bishop of Rochester and dean of Westminster 1713–23
Richard Aungerville (Richard de Bury) bishop of Durham 1333–45, lord high treasurer 1334–35, lord high chancellor 1335–36
William Awdry Balliol and The Queen's bishop of Southampton, 1895–96, bishop of Osaka 1896–98, bishop of South Tokyo 1898–1908
Walter Hubert Baddeley Keble bishop of Melanesia 1932–47, bishop of Whitby 1947–54, bishop of Blackburn 1954–60
Paul Everard Barber St John's bishop of Brixworth 1989–2001
Cuthbert Bardsley New College bishop of Croydon 1947–56, bishop of Coventry 1956–76
Thomas Barlow The Queen's bishop of Lincoln 1675–91
Richard Barnes Brasenose bishop of Nottingham 1567-70, bishop of Carlisle 1570-77, bishop of Durham 1577-87
Shute Barrington Merton bishop of Llandaff 1769–82, bishop of Salisbury 1782–91, bishop of Durham 1791–1826
Timothy John Bavin Worcester bishop of Johannesburg 1974-84, bishop of Portsmouth 1984-95
Thomas Beckington New College bishop of Bath and Wells 1434-65, Lord Privy Seal 1443-44
James Harold Bell St Peter's, Wycliffe Hall, Brasenose Undergraduate 1972-74, Academic 1976-82 bishop of Knaresborough 2003- [1]
John Bell Balliol bishop of Worcester 1539–43
Colin Bennetts Jesus bishop of Buckingham 1994–98, bishop of Coventry 1998–
Harold Ernest Bilbrough New College bishop of Dover 1916–27, bishop of Newcastle 1927–41
Edmund Bonner Pembroke bishop of London 1539–49, 1553–59
Cecil Henry Boutflower Christ Church bishop of Dorking 1905–09, bishop of South Tokyo 1909–21, bishop of Southampton 1921–33
Ian James Brackley Keble bishop of Dorking 1996-
James Brooks Corpus Christi and Balliol bishop of Gloucester 1554–58
Thomas Brunce New College bishop of Rochester 1435–37, bishop of Norwich 1437–45
Colin Ogilvie Buchanan Lincoln bishop of Aston 1985–89, bishop of Woolwich 1996–2004
John Buckeridge St John's bishop of Rochester 1611–28, bishop of Ely in 1628–31
Thomas Burgess Corpus Christi bishop of St Davids 1803–25, bishop of Salisbury 1825–37
Andrew Burnham New College and St Stephen's House bishop of Ebbsfleet 2000-10
Leonard Hedley Burrows New College bishop of Lewes 1909-14, bishop of Sheffield 1914-39
Joseph Butler Oriel bishop of Bristol 1738–50, bishop of Durham 1750–52
Henry Montgomery Campbell Brasenose bishop of Willesden 1940–42, bishop of Kensington 1942–49, bishop of Guildford 1949–56, bishop of London 1956–61
Harry James Carpenter Keble bishop of Oxford 1955-70
Graham Charles Chadwick Keble bishop of Kimberley and Kuruman 1976-82
William Frank Percival Chadwick Wadham, Wycliffe Hall bishop of Barking 1959–75
Christopher Maude Chavasse Trinity and St Peter's bishop of Rochester 1940–60
Richard Ian Cheetham Corpus Christi bishop of Kingston upon Thames 2002-
Alan Chesters St Catherine's and St Stephen's House bishop of Blackburn 1989–2003
David Chillingworth Oriel bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld, and Dunblane 2005–
George William Clarkson New College bishop of Pontefract 1949–54, dean of Guildford 1954–65
Thomas Legh Claughton Trinity bishop of Rochester 1867-77, bishop of St Albans 1877-90
Henry Compton The Queen's bishop of Oxford 1674, bishop of London 1675–1713
David Conner Exeter and St Stephen's bishop of Lynn, 1994–98, dean of Windsor 1998–, bishop to the Forces 2001–
Stephen Conway Keble bishop of Ramsbury 2006–
Thomas William Cook Hertford bishop of Lewes 1926-28
Thomas Cooper Magdalen and Christ Church bishop of Lincoln 1571–84, bishop of Winchester 1584–94
Edward Copleston Oriel bishop of Llandaff 1827–49
George Cotes Balliol and Magdalen bishop of Chester 1554–55
Peter Courtenay Exeter bishop of Exeter 1478–87, bishop of Winchester 1487–92
Richard Courtenay Exeter bishop of Norwich 1413–15
Richard Cox Cardinal College dean of Westminster 1549–53, bishop of Ely 1559–80
Nathaniel Crew, 3rd Baron Crew Lincoln bishop of Oxford 1671–74, bishop of Durham 1674–1721
Francis Whitfield Daukes Oriel and Wycliffe Hall bishop of Plymouth 1934–50
Paul de Labilliere Merton (undergraduate), Wadham (chaplain), Wycliffe Hall (lecturer) bishop of Knaresborough 1934–38, dean of Westminster 1938–46
Robert Deakin bishop of Tewkesbury 1973–85
Ivor Colin Docker St Catherine's Society and Wycliffe Hall 1946-49 bishop of Horsham 1975–91
John Douglas Balliol bishop of Carlisle in 1787–91, bishop of Salisbury 1791–1807
David Colin Dunlop New College provost of St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh 1940–44, bishop of Jarrow 1944–49, dean of Lincoln 1949–64
Alfred Earle Hertford bishop of Marlborough 1888–00, dean of Exeter 1900–18
John Earle Christ Church and Merton bishop of Salisbury 1663-65
Philip Herbert Eliot Oriel bishop of Buckingham 1921-44
Gordon Fallows St Edmund Hall and Ripon Hall bishop of Pontefract 1968-71, bishop of Sheffield 1971–79
John Thornley Finney Hertford bishop of Pontefract 1993-98
Anthony Fisher Blackfriars RC auxiliary bishop archdiocese of Sydney since 2003
George Carnac Fisher Brasenose bishop of Southampton 1896–98, bishop of Ipswich 1899–1906
Joseph Fison The Queen's and Wycliffe Hall 2nd in Greats, 1st in Theology, BA 1929, MA 1934, BD 1950 bishop of Salisbury 1963-72 [2]
Richard Fleming University bishop of Lincoln 1420–31
Peter Forster Merton bishop of Chester since 1996
Reginald Foskett Keble provost of St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh 1964–67, bishop of Penrith 1967–70
Christopher Foster Wadham bishop of Hertford 2001-
Edward Fowler Corpus Christi bishop of Gloucester 1691–1714
Richard Foxe Magdalen and Corpus Christi bishop of Exeter (1487–92), Bath & Wells (1492–94), Durham (1494–1501), Winchester (1501–28)
Robert Frampton Corpus Christi and Christ Church bishop of Gloucester 1681–91
James Fraser Lincoln and Oriel bishop of Manchester 1870–85
Francis Fulford Exeter bishop of Montreal 1850–68
John Garton Worcester bishop of Plymouth 1996–2005
Edgar Charles Sumner Gibson Trinity bishop of Gloucester 1905–24
Theodore Sumner Gibson Keble bishop of Kimberley and Kuruman 1928–43, bishop of St John's 1943–51
William Percy Gilpin Keble bishop of Kingston upon Thames 1952–70
Francis Godwin Christ Church bishop of Llandaff 1601–17, bishop of Hereford 1617–34
Field Flowers Goe Hertford bishop of Melbourne 1887-1901
Archibald Ronald McDonald Gordon Balliol and Christ Church BA 1950, MA 1952 bishop Portsmouth 1975-84, bishop Lambeth 1984-91, bishop HM Forces 1985-90, Sub Dean Christ Church 1991-96
Charles Gore Balliol, Trinity and Pusey House bishop of Worcester 1902–05, bishop of Birmingham 1905–32
Neville Vincent Gorton Balliol bishop of Coventry 1943–52
Arthur Greaves Keble bishop of Grantham 1935–37, bishop of Grimsby 1937–58
George Lanyon Hacker Exeter bishop of Penrith 1979-94
Mervyn George Haigh New College bishop of Coventry 1931-42, bishop of Winchester 1942-52
Robert Hallam bishop of Salisbury 1408–17
Walter Kerr Hamilton Christ Church and Merton bishop of Salisbury 1854-69
James Hannington St Mary's Hall bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa 1884–85 and martyr
John Tyrrell Holmes Hare Corpus Christi bishop of Bedford 1968–76
Richard Hare Trinity bishop of Pontefract 1971–92
Maurice Harland Exeter bishop of Croydon 1942–47, bishop of Lincoln 1947–56, bishop of Durham, 1956–66
Frederick Ochterloney Taylor Hawkes Magdalen bishop of Kingston upon Thames 1927–52
Richard Stephen Hawkins New College and St Stephen's House bishop of Plymouth 1988–96, bishop of Crediton 1996–2004
Robert Milton Hay St John's bishop of Buckingham 1944–60
Arthur Cayley Headlam All Souls, New College, Christ Church bishop of Gloucester 1923-45
Reginald Heber Brasenose and All Souls bishop of Calcutta 1823–26
Herbert Hensley Henson All Souls bishop of Hereford 1917–20, bishop of Durham 1920–39
Augustine John Hodson Christ Church and St Stephen's House Bishop of Tewkesbury 1938–55
Crispian Hollis Balliol RC bishop of Portsmouth since 1987
Campbell Richard Hone Wadham bishop of Pontefract 1931–38, bishop of Wakefield 1938–45
Cecil Hook Christ Church bishop of Kingston upon Thames 1905-15
John Hooper BA 1519 bishop of Gloucester 1550–53, bishop of Worcester 1552–54, martyr
Hugh Maudslay Hordern Christ Church bishop of Lewes 1929–46
Hugh Leycester Hornby Balliol bishop of Hulme 1945-53
George Horne University and Magdalen bishop of Norwich 1790–92
William Walsham How Wadham bishop of Bedford 1879–89, bishop of Wakefield 1889-97
Harold Evelyn Hubbard Christ Church bishop of Whitby 1939–46
John Hunter Keble bishop of Kimberley and Kuruman 1943–51
Alexander Hyde New College bishop of Salisbury 1665–67
John Inge Keble bishop of Huntingdon 2003–07, bishop of Worcester 2007-
Edgar Jacob New College bishop of Newcastle 1896–1903, bishop of St Albans 1903–19
William Jacobson Christ Church bishop of Chester 1865–84
Francis Jayne Wadham bishop of Chester 1889-19
Francis Jeune Pembroke bishop of Peterborough 1864–68
David Jenkins The Queen's Fellow and Chaplain bishop of Durham 1984–94
John Jewel Merton and Corpus Christi bishop of Salisbury 1560–71
Roger Jupp St Edmund Hall bishop of Popondota 2003–05
Eric Waldram Kemp Exeter, Christ Church and Pusey House bishop of Chichester 1974–2001
Thomas Ken Hart Hall and New College bishop of Bath and Wells 1685–91
White Kennett St Edmund Hall bishop of Peterborough 1718-28
George Wyndham Kennion Oriel bishop of Adelaide 1882–94, bishop of Bath and Wells 1894–1919
Edward King Oriel, Cuddesdon and Christ Church bishop of Lincoln 1885–1910
Kenneth E. Kirk St John's, Magdalen, Trinity and Christ Church bishop of Oxford 1937–54
Edward Knapp-Fisher Trinity bishop of Pretoria 1960–75, canon of Westminster 1975–87
Carey Frederick Knyvett Trinity bishop of Selby 1941–62
Arthur Lake New College bishop of Bath and Wells 1616–26
James Henry Langstaff St Catherine's bishop of Lynn 2004
Graham Leonard Balliol bishop of Truro 1973-81, bishop of London 1981-91, prelate of honour 2000–
Michael Lewis Merton bishop of Middleton 1999-2007, bishop in Cyprus and the Gulf 2007- [3]
Martin Linton Smith Hertford bishop of Warrington 1918-20, Hereford 1920-30, Rochester 1930-40
William Somers Llewellyn Balliol bishop of Lynn 1963-72
Tom Longworth University bishop of Pontefract 1939–49, bishop of Hereford 1949–61
Robert Lowth New College bishop of St Davids 1766, Oxford 1766–1777, London 1777–87, declined Canterbury 1783
Henry Mackenzie Pembroke bishop of Nottingham 1870-77
John Victor Macmillan Magdalen bishop of Dover 1927–34, bishop of Guildford 1934–49
David Rokeby Maddock St Catherine's Society bishop of Dunwich 1967–76
John Primatt Maud Keble bishop of Kensington 1911–32
Malcolm Menin University bishop of Knaresborough 1986–97
Peter Mews St John's bishop of Bath and Wells 1672–84, bishop of Winchester 1684–1706
George Moberly Balliol bishop of Salisbury 1869-85
Hugh Montefiore St John's bishop of Kingston upon Thames 1970-78, bishop of Birmingham 1977-87
George Morley Christ Church bishop of Worcester 1660–62, bishop of Winchester 1662–84
Peter Mumford University bishop of Hertford 1974–81, bishop of Truro 1981–89
Gordon Mursell Brasenose bishop of Stafford 1999-
Michael Nazir-Ali St Edmund Hall bishop of Raiwind 1984–86, bishop of Rochester 1994–
William Nicolson The Queen's bishop of Carlisle 1702–18, of Derry 1718–27, appointed archbishop of Cashel and Emly before death
Owen Oglethorpe Magdalen and Christ Church bishop of Carlisle 1557-59
Hugh Oldham Exeter bishop of Exeter 1504–19
John Owen Jesus bishop of St Davids 1827–1926
John Richard Packer Keble bishop of Warrington 1996–2000, bishop of Ripon and Leeds 2000–
Henry Luke Paget Christ Church bishop of Ipswich 1906–09, bishop of Stepney 1909–19, bishop of Chester 1919–32
Clement George St Michael Parker Christ Church bishop of Aston 1954–61, bishop of Bradford 1961–71
Samuel Parker Wadham, Trinity and Magdalen bishop of Oxford 1686–87
Edward Parry (Bishop) Balliol bishop of Dover 1870–90
Richard Godfrey Parsons Magdalen and University bishop of Middleton 1927–32, bishop of Southwark 1932–41, bishop of Hereford 1942–48
Reginald Pecock Oriel bishop of St Asaph 1444–50, bishop of Chichester 1450–57
Herbert Sidney Pelham University bishop of Barrow-in-Furness 1926–1944
John Penny Lincoln bishop of Bangor 1504-08, bishop of Carlisle 1508-20
George Christopher Cutts Pepys Oriel bishop of Buckingham 1964–74
William Michael Dermot Persson Oriel bishop of Doncaster 1982–1992
Henry Phillpotts Corpus Christi and Magdalen bishop of Exeter 1831–69
Barnaby Potter The Queen's bishop of Carlisle 1629-42
David Brownfield Porter Hertford and Wycliffe bishop of Aston 1962–72
Grandage Edwards Powell University bishop of Penrith 1939-44
John Lawrence Pritchard St Peter's archdeacon of Canterbury 1996–2002, bishop of Jarrow 2002–06, bishop of Oxford 2007–
Edward Rainbowe Corpus Christi bishop of Carlisle 1664-84
Ronald Erskine Ramsay St Edmund Hall bishop of Malmesbury 1927–46
John Randolph Christ Church bishop of Oxford 1799–1807, bishop of Bangor 1807–09, bishop of London 1809–13
Alastair Llewellyn John Redfern Christ Church bishop of Grantham 1997–2005, bishop of Derby 2005–
Clement Mallory Ricketts Keble bishop of Dunwich 1945–55
John Rider Jesus bishop of Killaloe 1612–1632
George Ridding Balliol and Exeter headmaster of Winchester 1867–84, bishop of Southwell 1884–1904
Henry Robinson The Queen's College and St Edmund Hall bishop of Carlisle 1598-1616
John Robinson Brasenose and Oriel bishop of Bristol 1710–14, bishop of London 1714-23, Lord Privy Seal 1711-1713
Patrick Campbell Rodger Christ Church bishop of Manchester 1970-78, bishop of Oxford 1978-86
Gordon Roe Jesus bishop of Huntingdon 1980–97
Alfred Carey Wollaston Rose Worcester bishop of Dover 1935–56
Geoffrey Rowell Keble bishop of Basingstoke 1994–2001, bishop of Gibraltar in Europe 2001–
Anthony Russell Trinity bishop of Dorchester 1988–2000, bishop of Ely 2000–
John Charles Ryle Christ Church bishop of Liverpool 1880–1900
Wilfrid Guy Sanderson Merton bishop of Plymouth 1962-72
Gordon David Savage St Catherine's bishop of Buckingham 1960–64, bishop of Southwell 1964–70
Peter Selby St John's bp of Kingston upon Thames 1984–92, Wm Leech Professorial Fell in Applied Chr Th Univ of Durham 1992-97, bp of Worcester 1997–2007, bp to HM Prisons 2001-
William Senhouse bishop of Carlisle 1495-1502, bishop of Durham 1502-05
Edward Domett Shaw Oriel bishop of Buckingham 1914–21
John Sheppey bishop of Rochester 1353–60, lord high treasurer 1356-60
George Smalridge Christ Church bishop of Bristol 1714–19
George Smith bishop of Victoria & warden of St Paul's College, Hong Kong 1849–65
Lucius Smith Balliol bishop of Knaresborough 1905–34
Miles Smith Corpus Christi and Brasenose bishop of Gloucester 1612–24, author of Preface to the Authorized Version
Robin Jonathan Norman Smith Worcester bishop of Hertford 1990-2001
Thomas Smith The Queen's bishop of Carlisle 1684-1702
Alan Smithson The Queen's bishop of Jarrow 1990-2001
William Smyth Oriel and/or Lincoln bishop of Coventry & Lichfield 1493–96, bishop of Lincoln 1496–1514
Stuart Snell St Peter's bishop of Croydon 1977–85, bishop to the Forces 1977–84
George D'Oyly Snow Oriel bishop of Whitby 1961–71
Henry Kemble Southwell Magdalen bishop of Lewes 1920–26
Thomas Sprat Wadham bishop of Rochester 1684–1713
Thomas Stanage Pembroke bishop of Johannesburg 1978–82, bishop of Bloemfontein 1982–97
David Stancliffe Trinity bishop of Salisbury 1993–
Robert Stopford Hertford bishop of Fulham 1955–56, Peterborough 1956–61, London 1961–73, Bermuda 1976
Neville Stuart Talbot Christ Church and Balliol bishop of Pretoria 1920–33, vicar of Nottingham 1933–43, chaplain RAF 1943
Thomas Tanner The Queen's College, All Souls and Christ Church bishop of St Asaph 1732–35
John Vernon Taylor St Catherine's Society, Wycliffe Hall Bishop of Winchester 1974-84 [4]
Frederick Stephen Temple Balliol bishop of Malmesbury 1973–83
David Thomson Keble bishop of Huntingdon 2008-
Richard Thornden Canterbury bishop of Dover 1545-57
Edward Trollope Christ Church bishop of Nottingham 1877-93
Cuthbert Tunstall bishop of London 1522-30, Lord Privy Seal 1523-30, bishop of Durham 1530-52 & 1553–58
Michael Turnbull Keble bishop of Rochester 1988-94, bishop of Durham 1994-2003
Herbert Victor Turner Merton bishop of Penrith 1944-58
William Van Mildert Christ Church bishop of Llandaff 1819–26, bishop of Durham 1826-36
Stephen Venner Linacre and St Stephen's House bishop of Middleton 1994-99, bishop of Dover 1999- [5]
John Vesey Magdalen bishop of Exeter 1519–51
Michael Edwin Vickers Worcester bishop of Colchester 1988–94
Samuel Waldegrave Balliol bishop of Carlisle 1860-69
Eric Wall Brasenose bishop of Huntingdon 1972–80
William Walsh Merton bishop of Mauritius 1891–97, bishop of Dover 1898–16
Seth Ward Trinity (Master) Savilian Professor, bishop of Exeter 1662–67, of Salisbury 1667–89
Geoffrey Hodgson Warde Keble dean of Gibraltar 1928–33, bishop of Lewes 1946–59
Richard Charles Challinor Watson New College bishop of Burnley 1970–88
William Waynflete New College (possibly), founder of Magdalen bishop of Winchester 1447–86, Lord Chancellor 1456-60
John Stewart Went Wycliffe Hall (Vice-Principal) bishop of Tewkesbury 1996–2005
Herbert Westfaling Christ Church bishop of Hereford 1586–1602
Frank Weston Trinity bishop of Zanzibar 1908–1924, Major commanding Zanzibar Carrier Corps 1916, mentioned in despatches 1917, OBE 1918 [6]
Frank Valentine Weston The Queen's and Christ Church bishop of Knaresborough 1997–2003
Martin Wharton Linacre bishop of Newcastle 1997–
Peter Wheatley The Queen's bishop of Edmonton 1999–
Hubert Whitsey St Edmund Hall bishop of Hertford 1971–74, bishop of Chester 1974–81
Samuel Wilberforce Oriel bishop of Oxford 1845-70, bishop of Winchester 1870-73
David Peter Wilcox St John's bishop of Dorking 1986–95
John Wilkins Magdalen and Wadham bishop of Chester 1668–72
Alwyn Williams Jesus, All Souls, Christ Church Triple 1st in Mods 1908, Greats 1910, History 1911, Fellow All Souls 1911–18, Dean Christ Church 1934-39 bishop of Durham 1939–52, bishop of Winchester 1952–61 [7]
Trevor Willmott St Peter's bishop of Basingstoke 2002-
Alan Wilson Balliol and Wycliffe Hall bishop of Buckingham 2003-
John Leonard Wilson The Queen's and Wycliffe Hall bishop of Birmingham 1953–69
Colin Winter Lincoln bishop of Damaraland 1968–81
Kenneth John Woollcombe St John's Bishop of Oxford 1971–78
John Wordsworth New College, Brasenose and Oriel bishop of Salisbury 1885–1911
Robert Wright Trinity and Wadham bishop of Bristol 1623–32, bishop of Lichfield and Coventry 1632–43
Tom Wright Exeter, Merton, Oxford and Wycliffe Hall bishop of Durham 2003–

Clergy and other ministers[edit]

The following are clergymen and other Christian ministers who are primarily known for their non-theological contributions to the Church, although some may also have been significant scholars

  • Fitzherbert Adams (Lincoln) rector of Lincoln College and prebendary of Durham Cathedral 1685-1719
  • Simon Bailey (Regent's Park) rector of Dinnington, writer, art collector
  • Thomas Bastard (New College)
  • Peter Beck dean of ChristChurch Cathedral (Christchurch, New Zealand) since 2002
  • Derek Pattinson (The Queen's) Secretary-General of the General Synod of the Church of England 1972-90
  • Richard Meux Benson (Christ Church) founder Society of St John the Evangelist
  • Adam Blakeman (Christ Church) minister of Stratford, Connecticut 1639-65
  • William Henry Bliss (Magdalen) sometime tutor to King Victor Emmanuel III
  • Thomas Bradley (Exeter) chaplain who ministered to Charles I at his execution
  • Thomas Bray (All Souls) missionary to Maryland 1699-1700, rector of St Botolph Aldgate 1706-30
  • Thomas Charles (Jesus) Anglican priest and Methodist
  • Richard William Church (Wadham and Oriel) Dean of St Paul's 1871-90
  • Thomas Coke (Jesus) father of Methodist missions and successor to John Wesley
  • John Davenport after whom Davenport College, Yale is named; co-founder Colony of New Haven & Hopkins School
  • Harold Davidson (Exeter) rector of Stiffkey 1906-32
  • Percy Dearmer (Christ Church) liturgist, socialist, Professor of King's College London, Canon of Westminster
  • Verrier Elwin (Merton and Wycliffe Hall)
  • John Feckenham (Gloucester Hall) Dean of St Paul's 1554-56, Abbot of Westminster 1556-60
  • Edward Drax Free (St John's)
  • Bernard Green (St Benet's) Catholic priest and monk of Ampleforth
  • Michael Green (Exeter and Wycliffe Hall) priest, professor, and evangelist
  • Robin Griffith-Jones (New College and Lincoln) The Reverend and Valiant Master of the Temple 1999-
  • Bede Griffiths (Magdalen)
  • Nicky Gumbel (Wycliffe Hall) Asst Curate Holy Trinity Brompton 1986-2005, Vicar 2005-, head of Alpha 1990-
  • William Ralph Inge (Hertford) Dean of St Paul's 1911-34
  • Cyril Jackson (Christ Church) tutor to George IV; declined bpric of Oxford (1799) & archbpric of Armagh (1800)
  • Hewlett Johnson (Wadham) "Red" Dean of Canterbury 1931-63
  • R. T. Kendall (Regent's Park) Minister of Westminster Chapel 1977-2002
  • Vicesimus Knox (St John's) essayist and sometime Head Master of Tonbridge School
  • Christopher Lewis (Ripon Coll Cuddesdon & Christ Church) Dean of St Albans 1994-2003, of Christ Church 2003-
  • Alexander Heriot Mackonochie (Wadham) Master of the Society of the Holy Cross 1863–75
  • Malachi Martin (Not known) Author and exorcist
  • John Mason (All Souls) Dean of Winchester 1549-54
  • Edward Meyrick Goulburn (Balliol and Merton) Head Master of Rugby 1849-57, Dean of Norwich 1866-89
  • Alexander Nowell (Brasenose) Dean of St Paul's 1560-1602
  • Richard Pace Secretary of State 1516–26, Dean of St Paul's 1519-36
  • A. P. Stanley (Balliol & University) Dean of Westminster 1863-81, Rector of St Andrews 1874-77
  • Montague Summers (Trinity) poet and expert on Gothic literature, witchcraft, vampires, and werewolves
  • Chad Varah (Keble) Rector of St Stephen Walbrook 1953-2003, founder of The Samaritans 1953
  • Lawrence Washington (Brasenose) great-great-grandfather of George Washington
  • Charles Wesley (Christ Church) hymn writer and brother of John Wesley
  • John Wesley (Christ Church and Lincoln) founder of Methodism
  • George Whitefield (Pembroke) founder of Methodism
  • John Yonge (New College) Master of the Rolls 1508-16, Dean of York 1514-16



Chief Rabbis of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth


  • Shoghi Effendi 1919-1921 (Balliol) Guardian of the Bahá'í Faith 1921-57



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