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Namibia is a one party dominant state with the South-West Africa People's Organisation in power. Opposition parties are allowed, but are widely considered to have no real chance of gaining power. In Namibian politics, ethnicity plays a significant role in party affiliation and voting behaviour. Some parties are dominated by single ethnic groups; SWAPO itself, its government, and administration, is pre-dominantly Ovambo.[1]

Parties with parliamentary seats[edit]

Parties with seats in the National Assembly of Namibia after the 2014 elections:[2]

Unrepresented parties[edit]

The following parties contested the 2014 parliamentary elections but did not gain a seat, in the order of votes obtained:[2]

The following parties were founded after the 2014 parliamentary elections:

Parties of local relevance[edit]

The following parties did not contest the 2014 presidential election but took part in the 2015 local authority elections, and gained a seat:[6]

Defunct parties[edit]

Banned parties

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