List of power stations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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The following page is a list of power stations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As of December 2015, installed electric generation capacity totalled 2,442 megawatts, but only half that capacity is functioning. [1]



Station Capacity (MW) Type Community Coordinates River Refs
Inga II Power Station 1,424 Run of river 05°31′44″S 13°37′14″E / 5.52889°S 13.62056°E / -5.52889; 13.62056 (Inga II Dam) Congo River [2]
Inga I Power Station 351 Run of river 05°31′01″S 13°37′19″E / 5.51694°S 13.62194°E / -5.51694; 13.62194 (Inga-I Dam) Congo River
Nseke Power Station 260 Lualaba River
Ruzizi II Power Station 45 Reservoir   Ruzizi River
Ruzizi I Power Station 40 Reservoir   Ruzizi River [2]
Rutshuru Hydroelectric Power Station 13.8 Run of river Rutshuru 00°12′00″S 29°33′00″E / 0.20000°S 29.55000°E / -0.20000; 29.55000 (Rutshuru Hydroelectric Power Station) Rutshuru River [3]
Mutwanga Hydroelectric Power Station 0.4 Run of river Mutwanga 00°20′24″N 29°45′36″E / 0.34000°N 29.76000°E / 0.34000; 29.76000 (Mutwanga Hydroelectric Power Station) [4]
Mobayi Power Station Reservoir

Under construction or proposed[edit]

Station Capacity (MW) Type Community Coordinates River Status Refs
Grand Inga Power Station 39,000 Run of river 05°32′45″S 13°33′25″E / 5.54583°S 13.55694°E / -5.54583; 13.55694 (Grand Inga Dam) Congo River Proposed
Inga III Power Station 4,800 Run of river 05°31′08″S 13°36′25″E / 5.51889°S 13.60694°E / -5.51889; 13.60694 (Inga-III Dam) Congo River Contracting [5]
Busanga Dam 240 Proposed [6]
Zongo II Dam 150 Reservoir   Under construction [7]
Ruzizi III Power Station 145 Reservoir   Ruzizi River Under construction [8]
Katende Dam 64 Run of River Under construction [9][10][11]
Kakobola Dam 10.5 Lufuku River Under construction [12]

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