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Madurankuliya is located in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 7°53′36″N 79°49′20″E / 7.89333°N 79.82222°E / 7.89333; 79.82222Coordinates: 7°53′36″N 79°49′20″E / 7.89333°N 79.82222°E / 7.89333; 79.82222
Country Sri Lanka
Province North Western Province, Sri Lanka
District Puttalam District
D.S. Division Puttalam Divisional Secretariat
A.G.A Division Mundalama Divisional Secretariat
City Acronym MDK
Local Authority puttalam Pradeshiya Sabha
 • Total 43.3 km2 (16.7 sq mi)
Elevation 2.7432 m (9.0000 ft)
 • Total 3,000+ Approximate
Demonym(s) Madurankuliyan
Time zone SLST (UTC+05:30)
Postal Code 61270
Area Code 032

Madurankuliya is a town and an actively operate to be a city level in the suburb of Puttalam. It is also known as Madurankuliya(මදුරන්කුලිය) in Sinhala and மதுரங்குளி in Tamil; it is abbreviated as "MDK". It is a fast developing city in North Western Province, Sri Lanka with well-connected by roads and railway network, situated between Puttalam and Chilaw (in the A3 Puttalam to Peliyagoda road) town. This city is located 114 km away from the centre of the commercial capital Colombo, accurately in North Western region at 7°54'43" north of the equator and 79°49'49" east of the Prime Meridian with most greenery and river environments. It is one of the oldest residential parts of the city with over 3,000+ people around including all religions - Buddhist, Hindu, Muslims, Christian, living together with prosperity and harmonny.

Madurankuli is a growing commercial and agricultural area, it is famous for trading activities and agricultural cultivations and exports of Coconuts, Copra, Salts, Oil, Prawn Farms, Fresh Vegetables, and much more. And it is relatively a good city for business industry investments, because most of the lands are unused and now they are being used for building factories, farms, agri-business, real-estate and some other business activities.

Schools & Educational institutions[edit]

While education rate is growing at average pahse, several developments taking place in the government schools and private schools, Non-profit organizations and other international government help with some amount of funds to the orphanages centres and rural schools around in Madurankuliya. As the policy of the Sri Lankan government, all Sri Lankan government schools offer free education and the people in Madurankuliya also enjoy this free education via the national schools in the areas. However, as compared to the developed areas in the island, it is notable that a relatively fewer number of students enroll into the G.C.E A/L classes.

National schools[edit]

  • P/Madurankuli Adharsha Maha Vidyalaya, Madurankuli
  • P/Kanamoolai Muslim Maha Vidyalayam, Kanamulla
  • P/Puluthivayal Muslim Vidyalayam, Puluthivayal
  • P/Virudhodai Muslim Maha Vidyalaya', Virudhodai
  • P/Kadayamottai Muslim Central College, Kadayamottai (Prev. P/Kadayamottai Muslim Maha Vidyalayam)
  • Madurankuli Model School, Madurankuli

Private schools and other education centres[edit]

  • Al-Baas International School, Virudhodai
  • MH-School of Excellence,Sembetta

Mercy Education Complex (Mercy)

Mercy Education Complex is a Non-profit organization located in the town. The main objective is to provide formal education to orphans, enabling them to meet the challenges of life without developing any personality complexes. This is a dedicated facility for Orphans education. It is committed to provide low-cost health care and education facilities and humanitarian assistance whenever needed regardless of any race or religions. It relies upon charitable donations from Zakat House of the Govt. of Kuwait. Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Peshawar Medical College and individual donations.


There is no University is located in the town of Madurankuliya. The only nearby institute which offered tertiary level education is the Puttalam Study Centre of "The Open University of Sri Lanka" (OUSL) (Sinhalese: ශ්‍රී ලංකා විවෘත විශ්ව විද්‍යාලය, Tamil: இலங்கை திறந்த பல்கலைக்கழகம்) is a national university in Sri Lanka. It is unique within the Sri Lankan national university system for being the only university to offer programs of study leading to Certificate, Diploma, Degrees and Postgraduate degrees up to Ph. D. level through the distance mode learning.[1] The degrees awarded by the university are treated as equivalent to degrees awarded by any other Sri Lankan University under the preview of the University Grants Commission.

  • Open University of Sri Lanka, Puttalam

ICT & other institutions[edit]

  • Nena Sala, Kanamulla


The main water canal is The Dutch Canal from Negombo passes through two main bridges in Madurankuli. One is the Mallampitiya Bridge and other one is Manthamanthivu Bridge. It was constructed during the Dutch regime by Dutch People to promote business in the most coastline from Western Province to North Western Province. Still tourist can drive from Negombo can drive on boats from Negombo to Puttalam using the Dutch Canal.

Social Networks[edit]

You may find news and other updates from the official online Social Networks


There are over 70+ villages in Madurankuli which belong to respective Pradhesiya Sabahs; since 2005 every village is being developed with modern culture and standard of living, such developments are mostly in roads, public library, water system, cultivation, electricity, information technology, telephony services, with faster internet/broadband services, and much more. However, the town and nearby villages still suffer from some level of poverty. In recently (2015) the area explored to drinking water issues within villages. It is also apparent that more development projects with careful feasibility study are needed.

List of near Villages
  1. Kadayamottai
  2. Kanamulla (Kanamoolai)
  3. Viruthodai
  4. Rahmathgramam
  5. Sameeragamam
  6. Mukkuthoduwawa (Thoduwa)
  7. Madeenapuram
  8. Puluthivayal
  9. Palasola
  10. Kivula
  11. Kurinjavattai
  12. Maraika-Senai
  13. Nallandholuva
  14. Pubudugama
  15. Manthamanthivu
  16. Mihraajpuram
  17. Mallampitiya
  18. Kongonimulai
  19. Elluchchenaimundal
  20. Suriwayal
  21. Unawelli Wewa
  22. Unawelisedawatta
  23. Tungichenai
  24. Sundisena
  25. Sinnasolle
  26. Sembetta
  27. Sandichena
  28. Pookulam
  29. Philips
  30. Pattayama
  31. Pallikundawayal
  32. Meegaha
  33. Karaditivu
  34. Kallamaducenai
  35. Elluchchenaimundal
  36. Attaditivu
  37. Attadithotem
  38. Amurdalechchimi
  39. Wlusumanapura
  40. Suhadagama
  41. Pansal Handhiye
  42. Unaveli

Incidents & Remarks[edit]

  • Holcim Lanka Ltd., the cement manufacturer located in Kallady utilized the road way transport in 2004 to ship heavy duty equipment from Thoduwawa Beach. The said carrier vessel then diverted from Colombo Harbour after examining the conflicts in transport from A9 Colombo-Puttalam road.
  • Numerous accidents have been reported at the Railway cross from Thoduwawa Road (nearby Madurankuli Junction)
  • Prominent Politician visited Madurankuli: Honorable ... M. H. M. Ashraff, Rauff Hakeem, Mahinda Rajapaksa
  • Madurankuliya Wind Farm is a Wind Energy project name. Later it has been renamed as Narakkaliya Wind Farm. Located in Narakkaliya, bordering the Lakvijaya Power Station, in Narakkaliya, Puttalam, Sri Lanka.
  • Once a year, a Heavy Rain leads to flooding mostly in Kanamulla, Kadayamottai, Viruthodai, Manthamanthivu, Rahmathgramam and other places.
  • It's so awesome to experience a Misty morning once in a year with raining and dark clouds all day long.
Misty Morning in Madurankuil

Geography & Climate[edit]

Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation totals in mm


The climate of Madurankuli is tropical, with a marked dry season, and temperatures averaging between 20 °C in January to 31 °C in February and March. Generally, it experiencing warm weather throughout the year. The most of the areas are wetter, with almost 2000 mm of rainfall per year, overall the city and the nearby areas are relatively cooler than the coastline Mukkuthoduwawa. The monsoon season hits the North Western Province including reasonable rainfall in Madurankuli. During April to June can expect a rain with heavy flood affecting the residence and several business.

Average Rainfall for Madurankuli, Sri Lanka
Climate data for Madurankuli, Sri Lanka
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 30
Average low °C (°F) 22
Average precipitation mm (inches) 16
Average precipitation days 1 1 2 3 3 2 3 4 5 8 7 4 43
Source: World Climate Guide. To check the current Weather - Visit:


The major businesses in Madurankuli are Coconut, Fiber, Charcoal, Agriculture, Shrimp Farms, Oil, and Copra. Much of the business here are traded and marketed in international markets - therefore the export rate is relatively higher than other closer cities. Other most higher businesses are retail stores like textiles, grocery, jewelry, automobiles, hardware, medical pharmacy, liquor, photo studio, electronics, vehicle service centers, music and entertainment.

Coastline businesses are primarily Fishing and hotels and restaurants.

Hospitals & Medical centers[edit]

Main health service provider is the Govt. hospitals located in Madurankuliya. From the recent development in the medical service in the area, a few private medical practitioners open medical services besides to the main hospitals in the area. However, it is found that most of medical services limited to the town area. Some of them are listed below:


  • Ayurveda General Hospital, Nallandholuva
  • Balasooriya Private Hospital, Puttalam

Private Medical Centres[edit]

  • Kanamoolai Medical Center, Kanamulla
  • Gafoor Medical Center, Kanamulla
  • Sadeek Medical Center, Kadayamootai
  • Sooriya Medical Center, Madurankuli


The area of Madurankuliya is populated by Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus followers. The area proudly stands as our of the great inheritances of Buddhist civilization in the island. Most of the Buddhist Temples (Viharayas) were built by ancient kings and they identified as "Raja Maha Viharayas" and are under the custody of the department of Archaeology, Sri Lanka. An ancient "Devalaya" known as "Kela Devalaya" also located in the suburbs of the area and as per the tales it was built a few centuries ago.

People belongs to Islam, Hindu and Catholic are also live in harmony in the area.

Festivals & Specials[edit]

The people in Madurankuli celebrate many traditional festivals centres on sacred shrines of diverse faith.

  • All Buddhist temples celebrate the Vesak, Poson and Esela festivals commemorating the events of great importance to the Buddhists. In special months of May and June, temples organise offering campaign known as "Dansala" for visitors and residernts with the support of locals in the area. The ancient temples in the area offer religious services to the residents in Madurankuliya and focus on the development of mindfulness and body concentration while improving the virtue of the people.

These festivals feature colorful decorations, lanterns, illuminations and pageants where traditional dancing, drumming, costumed dignitaries and elephants are paraded.

  • The St Anne's Roman Catholic church is located on a magnificent beach stretch in Talawila in the Puttalam district. The church draws thousands of pilgrims for its main festivals in March and July.
  • The Ramazan, Haj and Milad-un-Nabi festivals are also celebrated by the majority Muslims in Madurankuliya especially at Masjidh's (mosques) or Plane Grounds in the town and nearby cities. These celebrations are mainly of religious character, recitations of Qur'an and distribution and sharing of cooked foods and sweets to relations and neighbors.
  • The Munneswaram and Hindu temples are pilgrim centres of many devotees. People gather to worship deities and seek favours. The main temple of God Shiva at Munneswaram, comprises the shrines and has been built according to traditional Hindu style. Munneswaram celebrates its major festival in August where fire-walking is practiced.

Places of Worship[edit]

Madurankuli has almost all the worship temples from all the religion.


  • There are Buddhist temples where several events of great importance to the Lord Buddhas take place. Mukkuthoduwawa is one of the prominent places where Sinhalese live with their religious centers in the surroundings. The area is of great importance in terms of Buddhist history of the island.


  • Numerous numbers of Mosques or Islamic worship centers have been erected by the Muslim society. There are some Islamic Institutions providing Islamic education and engaging social services.


  • There are also numerous Catholic Churches found in Madurankuliya for worship with considerably many Christian people around.


  • Munneswaram and Hindu temples are also found in the town and nearby areas.


  • Cricket is the primary sport played in surroundings and other close areas. There are several cricket societies found here; each society has its own teams. The official cricket ground is located in the Kadaymottai Maha Vidyalaya (School).* Every year there is Motorbike racing right after the Muslim Ramadhan festival organized by the sports society.
  • And other major sports played are the Volleyball. This sport is also played widely and every year there will be a great event of volleyball in several parts of the Madurankuliya.

Culture & Traditions[edit]

Culture in Madurankuliya is similar as seen in major cities in the North Western Province. Cultural aspects are derived from the Muslim tradition here mostly and most people here much kind and actively socialized in the community. People here are very obedient and well mannered with other people, this has been in practice since over forty years. Most people here in Madurankuliya prefer their own business to own and run from several business industries. These cultural activities are considerably moving towards slump while the education rate increases. It is a piteous situation as elders to outlook the some cultural stuff being lost every day by modern technologies and influences.

Tradition in Madurankuliya are also considerably adopting to new changes here, which makes most people helpless and piteous towards the generation, which may result to lose the traditional activities and movements of the previous ages. Festivals like Ramadan and Eid Ul Ad-ha plays a vital role in the tradition category; Most people here celebrate the festivals to share happiness with their relatives and create numerous functions, social events and grand sports meet that brings teenagers and mid-aged people participate and have joy as others to build up the socialism in the Muslim and Non-Muslim community.


Coastline, is all about the beach, fishing, and boating. The coastline is known as Thoduwawa. It is also widely known for its beach. This sea is of Indian Ocean facing the bottom south part of India. The entire coastline is monitored by the Sri Lankan Navy.

The primary business of this people are Fishing. There is a mini fish market where captured fishes are being displayed for the sale. We get almost all the popular fish species for curry. Usually the sea somewhat soft and often rough according to the whether.

There are resorts and hotels to facilitate the tourist and who visit the place.

Tsunami Warning[edit]

It is warned that the Thoduwawa beach is exposed to the tsunami or sea disasters. Marked as an evacuation zone, it is advised to move fast towards Madurankuliya route.


Transport in Madurankuli is very convenient and has never been a hassle to travel anywhere within the country. And Madurankuli is located 114 km away from the centre of the commercial capital Colombo. And Jaffna is 224 km away. At the same time it is just 100 km to Kandy.

Air way[edit]

The city is near domestic and international airports.

ICAO Code IATA Scale Service Range Name City Distance Airlines
VCRI HRI Large International MATTALA RAJAPAKSA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (closed) Hambantota 321 km S (6 hours)
VCBI CMB Large International BANDARANAIKE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Katunayake 93 km W (2 hours) SriLankan, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Thai Airways, Etihad, Cathay Pacific, Air Arabia, etc.

Rail way[edit]

The most convenient way of transport is the rail to several cities. This rail services works with specific time schedules. The services is Served by the Muthu Kumari (Pearl Princess) train. A route of 83 miles (134 km) along the North-Western coast.

  • Madurankuli Station 3075. Comes from: Colombo, Ragama, Negombo, Chilaw, Bangadeniya, Mundel, Mangaeliya, Madurankuli, Nagavilluva, Palavi, Thilladi to Puttalam.
Arrival to MADURANKULI Departure from MADURANKULI Reaching to COLOMBO FORT Train Starting from Train Runs to Available days of the week Type of the Train Train No
04:55:00 (4:55 AM) 04:56:00 (4:56 AM) 08:32:00 (8:32 AM) NOORANAGAR COLOMBO FORT MONDAY TO SUNDAY Colombo Commuter 3817
10:15:00 (10:15 AM) 10:16:00 (10:16 AM) 14:08:00 (2:08 PM) NOORANAGAR COLOMBO FORT MONDAY TO SUNDAY Colombo Commuter 3817
13:10:00 (1:10 PM) 13:11:00 (01:11 PM) 17:55:00 (5:55 PM) PUTTALAM COLOMBO FORT MONDAY TO FRIDAY Colombo Commuter 3820
17:05:00 (5:05 PM) 17:06:00 (5:06 PM) 21:10:00 (9:10 PM) NOORANAGAR COLOMBO FORT MONDAY TO FRIDAY Muthu Kumari 3828
17:05:00 (5:05 PM) 17:06:00 (5:06 PM) 20:37:00 (8:37 PM) NOORANAGAR COLOMBO FORT SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Colombo Commuter 3828

Road way[edit]

The region is served by an extensive rail and road transport system providing linkages to the major cities and ports in Sri Lanka. It has an extensive public transport system based on buses operated both by private operators and the government owned Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB). Some major roads include. The Bus services works throughout the 24-hour-a-day by private and CTB buses.

  • A3 Road: Stops at all the towns from Colombo (Pettah) (152 km)
Route No Start From/Runs To Type Time
04 Puttalam - Colombo Private/CTB 4.30AM-8.30 PM
914 Puttalam - Chilaw Private/CTB 6.00AM-7.00PM
07 Kalpitya - Colombo Private/CTB 4.30AM-8.30PM
04 Anuradhapura - Colombo Private/CTB Anytime
87 Vavuniya / Mannar / Jaffna - Colombo Private/CTB Anytime


Communication is rapidly developing sector in Madurankuli. The usage of the communication is much higher compared to the previous statistics used for personal and corporate purposes.

Postal services[edit]

Post is one of the widely used service for corporate communications, look for the postal details below:

  • Madurankuli - 61270

For more postal service information, Contact: 032-2268262.

International Courier services[edit]

In fact, International courier deliver anywhere in the world. And it's much easy in here to receive and post international courier through:

  • EMS Post in Sri Lanka Post, Puttalam

Internet/Broadband services[edit]

Internet is the primary medium of communication by all users. Usage of internet is very high. The entire Madurankuli is facilitated with high reception and fastest 3.75G radio technology by the Etisalat. Whereas other network providers Airtel, Dialog, and Hutch offer 3G, WCDMA & EDGE.

  • SLT Wireless Broadband (4G/LTE)
  • Dialog 4G

Telephony services[edit]

Telephone services are widely powered by Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) with quality services to every homes and offices. Others like LankaBell, Dialog CDMA, and Suntel provide Wireless Fixed Terminal (WFT) with good quality antenna reception.




  • Dial:119

Responsible Division:

  • Police Station - Mundal, Tel: 032-3327222

Nearby Police Stations:

  • Police Station - Puttalam, Tel: 032-2265223
  • Police Station - Chilaw, Tel: 032-2220752


  • Balasooriya Hospital Ambulance Service, Tel: 032-2267153
  • Kottantivu Rural Hospital Ambulance Service, Tel: 032-3297813


  • CEB Breakdown Call Center, Tel: 1987
  • CEB Regional Center - Puttalam, Tel: 032-2265323


  • SLT Call Center, Tel: 1212
  • SLT Regional Center - Chilaw, Tel: 032-2222239/31


  • SLT Broadband (ADSL) Breakdown Call Center, Tel: 1242

Geographic Location[edit]


  1. ^ The Open University of Sri Lanka Homepage [1] Retrieved on 23 November 2009

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