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Origin Crawley, Sussex, England
Genres Punk rock
Years active January–December 1976
Past members See: Members

Malice were a short-lived British punk rock band from Crawley, Sussex, who performed together between January and December 1976. Members of the group later formed Easy Cure in 1977, who in turn became The Cure in 1978.


January to April 1976[edit]

Marc Ceccagno, Robert Smith, Michael Dempsey, and two other classmates at St. Wilfrid's Comprehensive School, "Graham" and "Graham's brother" (full names not documented by the group), began rehearsals together at St. Edward's Church Hall, Crawley on 23 January 1976.[1] They hired the hall every Thursday, initially playing cover versions of songs by David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and Alex Harvey.[2] According to Robert Smith, the band had been formed "because Marc Ceccagno wanted to be a guitar hero".[3] Ceccagno, Smith and Dempsey had previously performed together while at Notre Dame Middle School in a short-lived band called The Obelisk, which gave one end-of-year performance for their classmates in April 1972.[4]

April to December 1976[edit]

In late April 1976, Graham and his brother left the group, and Lol Tolhurst (who had also performed with The Obelisk) convinced Michael Dempsey to teach him to play the drums.[5]

Marc Ceccagno left to form another band called Amulet, and was replaced by Porl Thompson, who was dating Robert's sister Janet at the time; Porl and Janet worked at L & H Cloake – then the only record store in Crawley. (Ceccagno's band Amulet also featured an L & H Cloake employee, keyboard player Kevin Cohen.)

Martin Creasy, another former employee of L & H Cloake, was recruited as the band's vocalist. By this time the group had begun writing original material under the name of Malice. This lineup played all three of Malice's only documented live shows during December 1976.[6] In January 1977, following Martin Creasy's departure, the band was renamed Easy Cure after a song written by drummer Laurence Tolhurst.


  • 18 December 1976 – Worth Abbey, Crawley (Malice played under a pseudonym, and devised an acoustic set for the performance)
  • 20 December 1976 – St. Wilfrid's Comprehensive Catholic School Hall, Oakwood, Old Horsham Road, Crawley (Malice supported Marc Ceccagno's new band Amulet)
  • December (date unrecorded), 1976 – Upjohn Pharmaceutical, Crawley



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