Marina Centre Bus Terminal

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Marina Centre Bus Terminal
Terminal Bas Marina Tengah
Commencement date: 26 July 1987
Number of services:
SBS Transit:
SMRT Buses:
Tower Transit:
Operators: SBS Transit (Services 56, 195, 195A, 195B, all NiteOwl Services)
SMRT Buses (services 75, 171, 960, NR2, NR5, NR7, NR8)
Tower Transit (Services 77, 97 and 97e)
GCM Package(s): Bulim (Services 77, 97 and 97e)
Depots: Bulim (Services 77, 97, 97e)
Woodlands (Services 75, 171, 960, NR2)
Bukit Batok (Services 3N, 5N)
Ang Mo Kio (Services 56, NR1)
Bedok North (Service 4N)
Nearest MRT station:  CC4  DT15  Promenade

Marina Centre Bus Terminal (Chinese: 滨海中心巴士终站) is a bus terminal located along Raffles Boulevard in Marina Centre, Singapore. It was opened following the opening of Marina Square on 26 July 1987. It is near Promenade MRT Station and directly under Benjamin Sheares Bridge. The bus terminal does not allow boarding or alighting. Alighting activities are held at the bus stop outside Pan Pacific Hotel for bus services bound for Marina Centre Bus Terminal. Boarding activities are held at the bus stop after the Singapore Flyer.

In June 2015, the Marina Centre Bus Terminal Expansion opened together with a public coach park. There are 13 lots for SBS Transit and Tower Transit buses and 4 marked as 'Reserved.' As of June 2015, SMRT Buses still parks their buses at the roadside of the terminal.

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