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Marita Lindahl (born 17 October 1938) is a Finnish model and beauty queen who won the 1957 Miss World beauty pageant, after being crowned Miss Finland World 1957 by Miss Finland World 1956, Sirpa Helena Koivu.[1] She became the first woman from Finland to win the title and the third Scandinavian woman; after Sweden had won the two first contests.

The pageant was held in London, England. Lindahl was described by pageant director Eric Morley as having "the haunting beauty and intrigue of a Greta Garbo". The first runner-up was Lilian Madsen from Denmark, second runner-up Adele Kruger from South Africa and third runner-up Jacqueline Tapia from Tunisia.

Lindahl married a fellow Finn and later ran one of the most popular restaurants in Helsinki.