Master Gear

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Master Gear
Also known as •Master Gear Converter
•Master Gear Adaptor
Developer Kalplus Limited
Manufacturer N.E.S.I.NA
Sega of America
Sega Europe
Tec ToyBR
WKK Far EastHK
Sega OzisoftAUS
Type Accessory
Generation Fourth generation
Release date N.E.S.I.
Sega of America
Introductory price Sega of America
Media Fifty-pin Master System cartridge
Controller input One external control pad via EXT. port adapter.
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The Master Gear,[4] Master Gear Converter,[1] or Master Gear Adaptor[5] is a handheld game console peripheral invented by King-Ho So for Kalplus Limited[6] with the purpose of allowing 50-pin Master System cartridges to fit into and function on a Game Gear.[2][7]

Design And Features[edit]

A Master Gear with its plastic enclosure removed.

Utilizing 36 wires, two PCBs, and a 50-pin cartridge connector, the Master Gear maps most, but not all of the data lines of a Master System to their Game Gear equivalents. All of the previously described components are retained within a four-part plastic enclosure by eight screws and double-sided adhesive tape, along with a single, spring-loaded mounting screw.

Effect on the Host Console[edit]

Once the converter is in use, the Game Gear's EXT. port acts as control port 2 and the start button is digitally remapped in order to allow Master System software to be paused. Monaural audio is output exclusively through either the internal speaker or headphone jack, since the Master System did not have stereo sound capabilities. The digital video output becomes compressed in order to reduce image cropping.


Due to the lack of a 44-pin cartridge connector or 35-pin card connector, all My Card/Sega Card titles, in addition to Japanese and Korean cartridge releases, do not natively work. Games that require the Sports Pad, Paddle Control, Light Phaser, or SegaScope 3-D glasses cannot be fully utilized. While the Master Gear is attached to the host console, additional peripherals that require use of the mounting bracket or battery compartments cannot be attached.

Number D333,325
Inventor King-Ho So
Assignee Kalplus Limited
Filing date December 19, 1991
Registration date February 16, 1993
Expiration date February 16, 2007
Serial Numbers Master Gear
Master Gear Converter
Applicants Master Gear
Kalplus Limited
Master Gear Converter
New England Services Inc.
Filing dates Master Gear
October 8, 1991
Master Gear Converter
October 18, 1991
Abandonment dates Master Gear
November 10, 1994
Master Gear Converter
October 22, 1995
Intellectual Property Office
Number 2016589
Proprietor Kalplus Limited
Filing date August 9, 1991
Registration date January 31, 1992
Expiration date August 9, 1996

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