Matthew 25

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Matthew 25
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Gospel of Matthew 25:41–46 on Papyrus 45, from c. AD 250
BookGospel of Matthew
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Matthew 25, the twenty-fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, continues the Olivet Discourse or "Little Apocalypse" spoken by Jesus Christ, also described as the Eschatological Discourse,[1] which had started in chapter 24.[2]

According to American theologian Jason Hood, writing in the Journal of Biblical Literature, chapters 23 to 25 of the Gospel of Matthew (the fifth discourse) "uniquely infuse Jesus' [...] teaching on discipleship, Christology, and judgment with the dramatic tension [...] throughout Matthew's plot".[3]


Matthew 25:12–15 on the recto side of Papyrus 35 from 3rd/4th century

The original text was written in Koine Greek. This chapter is divided into 46 verses.

Textual witnesses[edit]

Some early manuscripts containing the text of this chapter are:

It is also found in quotations from Irenaeus (AD 180) in Adversus Haereses.[4]


This chapter includes the parable of the ten virgins (verses 1-13) and the parable of the talents or minas (verses 14-30), both unique to Matthew,[5] followed by notice of "the great and universal judgment at the end of this period",[5] with its parabolic references to a separation of peoples "as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats" (verse 32). The final section (verses 31-46) is sometimes referred to as the "parable of the sheep and the goats".[6]



"Matthew 25:21" is a song title inspired by this verse on the album The Life of the World to Come that was released by the American band The Mountain Goats in 2009.[7]

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