Matthew 14

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Matthew 14
Uncial 073 (Matthew 14,28-31).JPG
Gospel of Matthew 14:28-31 on Uncial 073, from 5th or 6th century.
Book Gospel of Matthew
Bible part New Testament
Order in the Bible part 1
Category Gospel

Matthew 14 is the fourteenth chapter in the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament section of the Christian Bible. It continues the narrative about Jesus' ministry in Galilee.



This chapter can be grouped (with cross references to parallel passages in the other gospels):

Jesus' withdrawal to a 'deserted place'[edit]

Matthew 14:13 and 14:15 refer to a 'deserted' (NKJV) or 'secluded' (Amplified Bible) place, clarified as 'a place where no one lived' in the Easy-to-Read Version. In Luke's gospel, he goes at this point in the narrative to 'a town called Bethsaida', i.e. an inhabited place, but nevertheless one where 'he and his apostles could be alone together.[1]

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